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Finding Cheap 4×4 Insurance Quotes

It is a well known fact that four wheel drive cars, manufactured by companies like Land Rover, BMW 4×4’s and the Porsche 4×4, the Cayenne can be expensive to insure.

To help you reduce the amount you have to pay, our friends at QuoteZone, have created a 4×4 quote system. All you need to do is click the button above and fill in the form to compare quotes from a number of companies at the same time.

Why is four wheel drive insurance expensive?

The main reason for the cost being so high to insure 4×4 cars is that insurance companies have to take into account the amount of damage that a bigger car can cause to another vehicle. The damage caused is likely to be a lot more if you are driving a four wheel drive vehicle and so the premium reflects this.

Along with this, parts for 4×4’s tend to be more expensive than regular cars which again has to built into the quote given by the company.

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How The 4×4 Insurance Comparison System Works

When you buy something in a shop or supermarket, quite often one shop charges more than another for the very same item – its the same with insurance.

We help you compare the prices different brokers charge, so you don’t have to pay over the odds. We are all familiar with the concept of shopping around for insurance quotes – a necessity in today’s market to find good deals. All too often , this has been a very slow, and tedious process. Looking through the Yellow Pages for 4×4 car insurance, calling them, being put on hold, then finally getting through to a call centre representative who asks you lots of questions and gives you a quote. Bad enough if you have to do it once, but you then have to do it time and time again. And with all your quotes scribbled down or in your mind, it’s easy to get confused about who was cheapest.

With the arrival of the internet, things got better (slightly). Many of the leading land based car/van/home insurers realised that online quote systems were a convenient way for them, and the customers, to do business. So, now the consumer could go online 24 hours a day and get a cheap 4×4 insurance quote – Great – except for one thing. The consumer still had to “shop around” by going to multiple sites and entering their details.

This is where QuoteZone’s system has done something clever! By getting in touch with lots of leading uk insurers and talking to them to develop a system where you only have to fill in one form, one time to get prices from them all. Since they all share pretty much the same information, it made sense. The delights of technology! You fill in the forms once, to receive quotes in real time and by email. Then you simply choose the one you want, and confirm your details with the company.

Cheap 4×4 Insurance Quotes