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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Sky broadband is one of the UK’s largest broadband providers with over 6 million customers, they offer competitive speeds at reasonable prices and with the added bonus of already being a part of many UK homeowners monthly billings, it makes switching over thanks to their well-priced TV inclusive package deals an easy choice for many.

What Broadband Packages do Sky offer?

Sky offers a standard ADSL connection, a Superfast fibre connection and a top-tier ultrafast.

Sky ‘Essential’ Package: Sky’s cheapest option comes in the form of its essential package, a low bandwidth service suitable for small households with limited internet usage. With its 11 Mbps average download speed and 1.3 Mbps upload it would suffice for simple text based browsing on multiple devices but streaming films or TV would only be possible with one devices at a time and such a connection would see regular slowdowns with more than two devices connected.

Sky ‘Superfast’ Package: Sky’s middle tier option Sky ‘Superfast’ gives customers an average bandwidth of 59 Mbps a service suitable for all but the most internet intensive households. Sky’s ‘superfast’ package will allow customers to stream HD video across multiple devices simultaneously and stream even 4k media smoothly.

Sky ‘Ultrafast’ Package: Sky’s premium option Sky ‘Ultrafast’ gives customers an average bandwidth of 145 Mbps download and 27 Mbps upload, enough to stream 4k content to multiple devices simultaneously and still leave room for other users. Unfortunately, this service is location dependent and currently sky Ultrafast is only available to 10% of UK properties.

Sky’s bundled routers

Sky offers two options for their bundled routers and an older sky hub model and the new 2019 version. Both offer great range and adaptive band change which automatically scans your home for interference and chooses the best frequency for communicating with your devices. The newer 2019 model differs from the previous version with its enhanced power and band range meaning in theory users should see more stable connections and further reaching range.

What are the benefit’s to Sky broadband?

Faster than average fibre package – at 59 Mbps Sky’s ‘Superfast’ fibre is faster than both BT’s ‘Fibre 1’ and ‘Fibre essential’ package whilst still being cheaper.
Sky WiFi guarantee – With Sky’s ‘broadband boost’ WiFi is guaranteed in every room or you get your money back.
Daily line checks – Sky performs daily line checks to ensure speeds are optimal.
Sky broadband ‘buddy’ app – All sky packages come with sky broadband buddy a mobile based app that allows the users to block access, monitor and set daily limits even whilst away a feature endorsed by Mumsnet.
Sky free public WiFi – All Sky customers get access to thousands of free public WiFi hotspots across the country.
Unlimited for all – All Sky broadband packages are unlimited with no caps on usage.

What are the downsides to Sky broadband?

Poor customer service – Rated a mere 1.5/5 on trust-pilot Sky’s customer service leads much to be desired
Not the fastest – Despite respectable speeds Sky is still beat by Virgin and BT broadband for the fastest service.
Landline options – Sky’s broadband unfortunately cannot be purchase without a landline package.

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