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Written by Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

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Bulb Energy For Business Reviews
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Company Name: Bulb Energy

Company Description: Bulb supply energy to both business and home customers

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Bulb have made a big impact in an already crowded market. Their pricing is very competitive however independent investigations have found Bulb to potentially have slipped on customer demand with average phone wait times in 2018 being 6 minutes 30 seconds. See Bulb’s latest tariffs and compare against the market by calling 0203 971 1026 or using the button below.

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Who Is Bulb?

Bulb energy company was founded by Hayden and Amit, two London friends who worked extensively in the energy industry for a number of years. After dealing first hand with the problems that large energy suppliers fall into, such as the lack of proper customer care, high priced tariffs that some can’t afford, inefficiently providing energy, and the energy itself being unrenewable, they decided that things could be done differently.

In an attempt to change the industry for the better, Bulb was created with the aim of making energy simpler, cleaner and most importantly, greener: Bulb energy provides 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas on both their business and domestic tariffs.

Simplicity is the key to Bulbs attempt to become a major energy retailer. They have one tariff for both their electricity and gas and boast some of the lowest rates amongst smaller energy consumers compared to other companies providing renewable energy. Unfortunately, their tariffs for larger businesses do struggle to keep up with the competitiveness of some other providers.

As one of the newest green energy providers in the UK they have been able to revolutionise the market from a blank canvas; something the ‘Big 6’ providers have been struggling to do – leaving their infrastructure to become outdated in terms of customer service and inefficient energy.

Bulb claims it keeps its energy prices low thanks to a combination of unselfish profit margins and the use of cutting-edge technology.

Energy Tariffs

Bulb are attempting to complete their mission of simplicity with a single tariff for all its users. This single tariff covers both electricity and gas and still manages to stay one of the cheapest on the market, even compared to non-renewable energy providers.

The simple business tariff offered by Bulb is clearly priced on their website for complete clarity. Electricity and gas are displayed in pence per kWh for each area within the UK, so you will know exactly how much your business will have to pay, depending on location.

Electricity prices start from 12.05p/kWh and gas prices begin at 3.08p/kWh, but you can easily check in on their website to see how much you will have to pay in your area. Standing charges for both gas and electricity are both 27.40p per day.

Domestic energy users can easily enter their postcode and see the home energy prices for gas and electricity for their address.

Customer Reviews

Bulb has an excellent reputation for customer service but there are a number of unusual practices that certain customers have picked up on with their online (supposedly impartial) customer reviews. A lot of their Trustpilot reviews have been accused of being faked. They are strangely worded and most contain voucher codes which current customers can redeem only with giving the company a 5-star review on the independent energy review system.

‘Are you still Sceptical ,read my review, take extra cash’

Badly written English is by no means a certain indication that a review is faked but the constant mention of £50 voucher codes has certainly unsettled a few visitors who came to compare Bulb energy, especially when their excellent Trustpilot score is boldly displayed on their website. A large number of their positive reviews were uploaded within such a short space of time as well.

Which? have stated that Bulb are slower to the phone than some other new energy retailers, with an undercover investigation finding it took an average 6 minutes and 30 seconds to speak to a human, compared to their 2017 pick up times of under a minute, has customer service slipped at Bulb Energy?

Bulb have been in the news often in 2018 for three major price rises: one in February one in June and the last appearing in September, hiking prices up by nearly 50% over the course of a single year. Bulb blames the price rises on substantial increases in wholesale costs, a cold winter and limited gas production from their providers.

These prices may very well be reduced in 2019 so it is important that you compare business energy and home energy energy across a number of different providers, as well as Bulb energy, in order to find the best tariff available at the moment.

1 thought on “Bulb Energy For Business Review

  1. Great experience with Bulb

    I joined Bulb around 4 months ago after my previous provider, Bristol Energy, substantially increased the electricity prices. Bulb sources 100% renewable electricity and seems to be one of the cheapest in the market. Since I joined, They have lowered the cost per kWh, which is something that I had never experienced with previous utility providers. Their online portal shows your electricity consumption in graph format, which is great to monitor trends (obviously only relevant if you submit regular meter readings). There is also a phone app that works well.
    Customer service so far has been good.
    So I am very happy with the switch and glad I am supporting a company focused on renewable energy.
    And they are still offering a discount code for new joiners, so you’ll get £50 credit on your account if you join Bulb with this code: http://www.bulb.me/saraandcarment6622

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