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Written by Michael Foote , founder of Quote Goat, with over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Offers of merchant cash advances will differ due to many different reasons; from the type of business that requires capital, to credit scores, income and even available collateral. With standard bank loans more difficult to attain than ever before merchant cash advances have become a vital source of capital for small businesses to use to invest in their operations and increase their profit margins.

More and more lenders are offering merchant cash advances each year. These are few of the most trusted providers currently offering cash advances in the UK:


Nucleus commercial finance offer £3,000-£150,000 flexible deals that can be agreed upon on the day of application and delivered into your business account within a few days. Their special features include being able to borrow up to 120% of monthly card volumes; you will receive a trusted and dedicated count manager and require just 4 months of trading history in order to apply.

365 Business Finance

You can apply for merchant cash advances with just 6 months trading history with 365 Business Finance. They are a trusted provider with a 90% approval rate for their loans, which begin at £5,000 and can go up to £200,000. If your monthly card sales don’t exceed £5,000 then you will need to speak to a representative before approval but once you are approved, you will receive no hidden fees and no admin fees.


Liberis has been securing funding for small UK business for a long time and boasts over £340m lent to UK companies since 2008. There is an upward limit of £300,000 available but they tend to focus on smaller, secure amounts of around £2,500-£5,000. They are well known for having a customer friendly approach with 9/10 customers actively recommending them to others.

Decisions are made within 24 hours and applications take just 5 minutes to complete. They have a 70% approval rating and those who are approved for a loan face no monthly penalties and absolutely no unexpected fees.

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