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Try our business cash advance calculator to get a better understanding of typical repayment amounts, times & factor rates.

Merchant Cash Advance Calculator FAQs

What is the factor rate?

The factor rate is set by the lender and agreed prior to borrowing. It is typically between 1.1 and 1.5 and a business with a fair credit history could expect a factor rate of 1.2 – 1.3.

The factor rate determines how much you pay back when you borrow against your future card sales. So for example, if you borrow £10,000 at a factor rate of 1.2, you would pay back £12,000 (10,000 x 1.2). You can use the calculator above to see how different rates affect the amount you repay.

Merchant cash advances differ from business loans in that there is no interest and no other fees to pay, the amount you repay is determined at the start using a factor.

Why are there daily repayments and what is the payback percentage?

Merchant cash advances are paid back on a daily basis as a percentage of your sales taken through your card terminal. If you take other forms of payment, for example cash, this will not be used to repay your borrowing. Repayments are typically 10-20% of your card sales and you can use the calculator above to give you an average picture of how that will look for your business.

Because your daily repayments are based on a percentage of your card sales, one of the benefits of a merchant cash advance is that the repayment amount fluctuates depending on your business’ performance. On slower trading days you pay back less than you would during busier times, which helps to keep repayments affordable.

How much can my business borrow?

Typically the maximum amount you can borrow is equivalent to one month of card terminal sales.

How do I apply?

Visit our merchant cash advances page to apply. We work with a number of the UK’s leading lenders and our application system will try to get you the best deal on your borrowing.