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 What is Business Car Insurance?

Business Car Insurance is for individuals who use their car for work-related purposes, e.g. driving between multiple offices or locations.

If you use your vehicle for your commute to drive to one place of work, you will probably be covered by a standard car insurance policy, but you should confirm this with your car insurance provider.

However if you are regularly driving to different offices or if you drive a lot of miles for business purposes then it is likely that you will need business car insurance.

How Can I Find A Good Business Car Insurance Deal?

Business Car Insurance can often be more expensive than a regular car insurance policy as you will typically be deemed a higher risk driver as you are in the car more often, driving more miles and/or visiting unknown destinations. As this is the case, it makes it even more important to shop around, comparing quotes, to find a good deal.

We make it easy to compare multiple business car insurance quotes from leading providers, using just one form. After you enter your details, our panel of lenders will contact you to provide you with a quote, saving you the time and effort of providing details to multiple insurance providers.

Business Car Insurance Vs. Commercial Car Insurance Vs Company Car Insurance

These are 3 types of car insurance that have similar names but in reality they are significantly different. It is important that you understand which type of cover you need.

Business Car Insurance: your vehicle driving between work locations, visiting sites of clients.

Commercial Car Insurance: designed for people making a financial gain from their vehicle, e.g. courier insurance or taxi insurance.

Company Car Insurance: for drivers of company vehicles. Your insurance should be handled by your employer, so make sure you check this with them.

Ways to save money on business car insurance

1) Car Insurance Group
Every car is in one of 50 insurance groups, the group your car is in will have an impact on the cost of your cover. It pays to check quotes for various makes and models prior to purchasing your vehicle.

2) Building up a no claims bonus
Not claiming for smaller issues will save your no claims bonus. As the number of years that you do not make a claim increases, you business car insurance cost decreases as you demonstrate that you are a safer driver. If you have had to claim or are inexperienced, view our guide on getting insurance without a no claims bonus.

3) Immobilisers, alarms & trackers
Adding security to your vehicle can help decrease your insurance cost, this includes immobilisers, alarms, dash cams and vehicle trackers.