Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to running a business in the motor trade industry or you’re just starting out on a part time basis, we take a look below at the questions that commonly arise when looking at motor trade insurance.

Is there a minimum age to be eligible for motor trade insurance?

Whilst there is no official minimum age, asides from the fact that you will need to be old enough to drive, a lot of insurance providers will have a minimum age of 21 or even 25. If you need motor trade insurance for people under 25, we can help, by arranging quotes from up to 5 insurance specialists which increases your chances of finding a policy that is suitable for young people.

I run my business from my home, do I need motor trade insurance?

If you run your motor trade business from home you will still be required by law to have motor trade insurance. In terms of the level of insurance required, you may find that road risk insurance offers enough cover as opposed to combined cover which would protect the “on the road (road risk)” part of your work as well as other areas which may include your contents, equipment and stock.

I’m unsure as to the type of motor insurance I need, who can I ask?

When you submit the motor trade insurance quote form, you will be contacted by up to five insurance providers. These providers are specialists and can offer no obligation advice and assistance as well as providing you with tailored policy quotations. Particularly useful for people who are new to the industry, expert advice can help you organise motor trade insurance for the first time.

How can I reduce the cost of my motor trade cover?

Our top tip is to run a comparison each year, prior to letting your policy auto-renew with your current insurance provider. Whereas long-standing customers often reap rewards for their loyalty, this is not always the case when it comes to insurance – running a comparison each year takes a matter of minutes and you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Does a motor trade policy cover driving any car?

It is a common misconception that the holder of a motor trade insurance policy will automatically be covered to drive any vehicle. This is usually not the case. A motor trade policy will normally only cover you to drive your own vehicles or customers’ vehicles, for motor trade purposes. This means that you are most likely not covered for driving a family member’s car and perhaps less obviously, you will not be covered in the event that you simply fancy taking a customer’s car for a spin, it needs to be necessary or related to the work you are doing on that customer’s vehicle. If in doubt, check with your policy provider.

I work part-time, can I have part-time motor trade insurance?

If you have another job or you are retired whilst also running a part-time motor trade business, it is possible to arrange part-time motor trade insurance which will make allowance for the fact that you operate under reduced hours. This reduction in hours may help reduce the cost of your policy.

Which motor trades require insurance?

Motor trade insurance is applicable to nearly every trade in the industry. If you are likely to be driving a customer’s car as part of your work then you will need some form of cover. This includes:

Car valeters insurance, MOT station insurance, tyre fitters insurance and vehicle sales insurance, all of which will normally require you to drive a car owned by your customer or by the business.

Still have unanswered questions? Let us put you in touch with up to 5 motor trade insurance specialists that can assist you when you get a quote here.