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How Can We Help With Taxi Insurance?

Finding taxi insurance is easy with Quote Goat. Take just a moment to fill out the quote form and see how much you could save. If you have not yet looked for cheaper taxi insurance, have a go now.

It is essential for all businesses to have the correct type of insurance and this could not be truer when it comes to taxi drivers or taxi company owners.

The types of insurance and options available for your taxi vary between insurance providers, with some offering personal accident cover, public liability and legal cover. The best way to make sure you see all the options available from a panel of insurance providers is to compare multiple taxi insurance quotes in one go, on the quote form. The quote panel covers both private hire and public hire insurance for Saloons, Black Cabs and People Carriers.

What options are available when you compare cheap taxi insurance?

Taxi drivers spend longer on the roads than the average motorist and this is therefore reflected in the price of the insurance. Generally speaking this is due to the chance of an incident being higher the longer you spend on the road.

Taxi Insurance is broken down into three classes, just as regular car insurance is. Equally the cheapest policy is most often going to be third party cover and fully comp cover will usually be the most expensive as it provides you with the highest level of protection.

You will have to decide whether you require named driver insurance or all driver cover. Typically named driver taxi insurance is cheaper, as it is used by drivers who only need insurance for themselves, for example a London cab. All driver policies are often chosen by multi-car taxi companies.

Taxis that pick up customers on the side of the road without pre-booking are known as public taxis. You may find that public taxi insurance is more expensive, as generally this classification of taxi will spend longer in busy town centres etc.

Cabs that require advanced booking are known as private hire and are likely to receive cheaper taxi insurance quotes on the basis that less time will be spent in the most populated areas

Bradford: There are seven taxi insurance brokers in bradford, use our site to compare quotes from them and other brokers/providers in the area.

Leeds: With Leeds being a university town and a vibrant business hub in the North, the demand for taxis during the day and evening is always going to be high. Our site compares quotes from taxi insurance providers across the across including Leeds.

Birmingham: Another buzzing town with a high demand for taxis, Birmingham is a great place for taxi drivers. Where there are taxi’s there are also insurance firms and this city is no exception. Compare cab insurance from brokers in Birmingham as well as other areas of the country to find the cheapest deal for you.

London: With over 30,000 uber drivers, not to mention the number of black cabs and mini-cabs, there is a huge demand for taxi insurance in London. We have a number of brokers on our system that specialise in the capital to help you find a cheaper deal.

Manchester: There are at least 9 taxi insurers in Manchester so it is much quicker to let us do the comparison for you as opposed to phoning up all them to get better cover. Pop your details in to the system and rest assured you are getting the best deal.

Yes! It is certainly possible to get taxi insurance as a convicted driver, however please be aware that your cover may be slightly higher because you will be seen as a greater risk to insure. The best way to find out is to get a quote now.

A Look At Taxi Insurance Extras

There are a number of extras that can be included in policies or be required to have as add-ons. In general, cheap taxi insurance policies will need at least some extras adding on. We have listed a few extras below to help you decide if you require any of them.

Damage to windscreen – can often be incorporated into a taxi insurance policy, however it is also known to come as an optional extra

License loss – it is possible to get protection in case you lose your license, paying you an income for a period once the license is taken away

Home assistance – assistance if you break down or your taxi will not start at your home

Ongoing transfer cover – assistance for passengers who need to carry on with their journey if your taxi breaks down

Public liability – protecting you against claims made by members of the public for injury or damage

Breakdown Cover – insurance to cover the costs of a breakdown

Non-taxi use – coverage for your own use of the taxi out of working hours can also be provided by some providers

Legal assistance

Why Is Taxi Insurance So Expensive?

It’s expensive for a number of reasons:

  1. Taxi drivers cover a lot more miles than the average driver.
  2. Carrying members of the public means that your insurance has to have public liability cover
  3. Taxi’s are often involved in claims and therefore insurance premiums are increased to cover a higher frequency of payouts.

Tips When Comparing Taxi Insurance Quotes

Given how easy it is to get multiple quotes instantly, our best advice is to get a quote now and go from there.

Comparing multiple providers allows you to take advantage of the fact that all companies assess risks differently. This means that even if you have had an expensive quote already, there is every chance another company will offer you a cheaper taxi insurance quote in comparison.

Make sure you take the time to decide exactly what insurance you need in order to keep the cost down. If you do not need all the optional extras then get rid of some to reduce your quote.

If you are just starting out in the business you will not have any no claims as a professional taxi driver. However, there is good news as you may also find that you can use your track record from your personal driving to give you a quote that includes a no-claims bonus.

Making sure your taxi has good security measures in place will also lower risk. This includes using an immobiliser for your vehicle and parking it off the public roads at night.

You may also want to consider getting CCTV installed in the taxi, this can help achieve cheaper insurance premiums and is also useful for your own personal safety, or the safety of your drivers.

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