Benefits of being a taxi driver

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Being a taxi driver may seem like a simple job of driving people from point A to point B all day, but the job itself is actually incredibly rewarding and comes with a number of benefits. There is freedom in driving a taxi for a living – so much so that more and more people are being enticed into the taxi world each year, and with the emergence of taxi apps, driving a taxi is becoming more accessible than ever before.

Flexible hours

One of the major reasons driving a taxi is such a sought after job is the fact that both full time and part time work can be organised around your personal life. Being able to work to your own schedule is a major factor for people choosing  a particular job.  It gives them the opportunity to gain a better work/life balance and to be able to see their family as much as possible.

Regular work

No matter where you are in the UK you will find people in need of a lift. Whether you work in a big city or a smaller town, people have places to be and will always be on the look out for the nearest taxi to help them get there quickly and safely. Weekends are a busy time for taxi drivers anywhere in the country as revellers head out to enjoy themselves after a busy week stuck at work but you will always find people in need of a ride morning, noon and night for all sorts of reasons.

Good pay

Working shifts on the weekend, evenings and holidays can make a taxi driver a lot of money as more people than usual are heading out. In one busy shift a taxi driver can make a healthy amount of money, giving them the freedom to enjoy more down time during quieter days. Taxi drivers who are good at their job and pleasant to their customers may also receive plenty of tips from grateful travellers.

Explore the city

Driving a taxi is one of the best ways to learn more about the city you live in. Many taxi drivers say they thought they knew their city until they started driving. After a few months on the job they learned more about the city they lived in than they had in the previous years.


Taxi drivers are protected by insurance, which is provided by their operator and includes workers compensation insurance as well as vehicle taxi insurance.

Benefits of being a taxi driver