What type of insurance do I need to drive a taxi?

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There is a huge range of different taxi insurance policies available that can cover everyone from a new driver just staring out to a seasoned taxi driver with years of experience.

Regular car insurance policies aren’t enough to cover you if you drive a taxi for a living. You can’t rely on your usual car insurance even if driving a taxi is a part time earner on the side of your regular job.

What you need is specialist taxi driver coverage that is custom made for cars that are utilised as a commercial hire vehicle. These policies are specially designed to cover all the necessary problems that arise when driving a taxi; from spending long hours on the road to damage that can occur from certain passengers.

Taxi insurance policies

If you want to drive a taxi then you will need taxi insurance. In the UK it is a legal requirement and driving without it can see you landed with a fine, points on your license and even a driving ban.

You will need a different type of insurance depending on the type of taxi vehicle that you drive. These are separated into the following categories:

Public Hire Taxis

These types of taxis are easily identifiable. These taxis can be hailed down in the street and don’t need to be pre-booked through a taxi company. Think of London’s black cabs; they generally display a large ‘TAXI’ sign somewhere on the vehicle. They require a form of insurance known as public hire taxi insurance to cover picking up customers without a booking.

Private Hire taxis

A private hire vehicles can’t be flagged down in the street and require booking through a taxi company in order to use. These types of taxis include the majority of minicabs as well as large multipurpose vehicles (MPV) such as a minibus or people carrier.

This type of insurance will not cover you if you choose to pick up someone who hasn’t pre-booked.

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Phillip CollinsWhat type of insurance do I need to drive a taxi?