3 Ways You Can Charm Your Customers

Most people work in a company or industry that is customer facing. Whether this is selling insurance, groceries or even cars, customer facing jobs all require one thing: charm. How many times have you gone to buy something and encountered a surly and unfriendly member of staff? We would be willing to bet that you have turned away from that particular staff member and taken your business elsewhere. This is because that no matter what industry you are buying from, you want happy, smiley people serving you.

If you are the one running a business or working in customer services, it’s important to learn how to have a customer voice. This is a voice and a demeanour that you wouldn’t use in your day to day living with friends and family, but a different version of you that you have for customer purposes. Let’s pretend you’re selling a car. When you meet a new customer that could buy today, you will make an assumption about them within a few moments of meeting them. That’s not a bad thing; it’s how you’re going to base what kind of manner you use when you speak to them. This happens both ways, as your customer will be making assumptions about your company based on the way you handle them. So, how can you ensure that you give them a customer experience that they won’t forget?

Educate Yourself

Before you start dealing with people, you need to learn how to. It may seem like an obvious thing that you should already be able to do, but how you handle people in your personal life will differ greatly to how you handle people at work. Checking out business skills guides to brush up on your personal skills is a good way to go. You could also book some sessions with a customer service seminar and business coach so that you can be more professional in your dealings with customers. These seminars can teach you how to handle certain queries and get into the shoes of your customers, essentially making sure that you get that sale you need. Knowing how to respond to people with tone of voice and body language is so crucial to you charm factor.

Look Good

Okay, so while this sounds a little shallow, it’s totally a good charming technique. The way you present yourself can make or break a sale. No one wants to deal with an employee with bad posture, bad personal hygiene or stained clothes. Keeping yourself clean and presentable at work with a spritz of perfume or aftershave can make a big difference as to whether you get that important sale.


No one can deal with a customer services rep who doesn’t pay attention. Be attentive to your customer’s needs and hear them when they try to tell you what they want. Listening carefully to their preferences will change the way they view your company in a good way. Treating your customers like you care – which you should! – will give your company the reputation that will spread for good reason!


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3 Ways You Can Charm Your Customers

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