5 Things You Really Need In Your Pocket When You Run A Plumbing Business

If you’ve decided to go it alone and set up your own plumbing business, then it’s time to get organised. Sure, you’re qualified, and you’ve put in a few years of hard work, so you know your stuff. But running a business and doing the plumbing work are two very different things. You need to have everything to hand, and every job you do needs to count. Here are the five most essential things you need to hand when you’re running your own plumbing business:

Mobile Phone

Sounds obvious right? The phone in your pocket is now your mobile office. You need to make sure you have all the right apps installed straight away:

Invoicing app

Suppliers’ apps

Scheduler or appointments app (preferably voice activated)

Email app

Shortcut to your website on the home screen

Professional voicemail message if you can’t pick up. This article on professionals voicemails may also help.

Voice activated notes or reminders app

Your phone should be in a waterproof, rugged case to protect it no matter what job you’re on. Take calls while you work, and schedule that next job hands-free. Then send an invoice, all without having to lift a pencil.


Most of your jobs are likely to involve faulty equipment or appliances. What’s the most common cause of the problem? A loose washer, or absent shim! Have a pocket full of these little wonders so you can always get the job done without having to wait for an order to come in. Make sure you’re on good terms with your shim washers suppliers so you can have extra stock in the van when you need it. The same goes for tape, screws, flex pipe, copper pipe, and braces. You can’t afford to waste time in line!

Tape Measure

Most jobs require a rough idea of length needed or distance required. The trouble is, this doesn’t look professional to your client, and there is a big risk of getting it wrong. Get it wrong, and you waste materials, time, and lose your client. If you’ve not got time or a spare hand to write things down, simply snap a picture with that handy mobile phone of yours!

Business Cards

Old fashioned business cards should be left with every client whether you’re quoting or finishing up a job. Grab the client’s mobile number while you are there and text a copy of the same from your phone. You can also save the client’s details on your super phone while you’re there! Make sure your mobile number, email address, business name, and website are all on the card. If you’re setting up as part of a construction company, be sure to include those details too. Add a brief note about the job and the date on the back if you can.

Hand Sanitiser

Nobody likes to shake the hand of a plumber, but this is an important cultural symbol of trust. Let’s face it – dirty hands are not a good sign of care on a job either. Grab yourself one of those small pots of hand sanitiser and stay clean. It’s good for your health!

What do you have in your pocket on the job? Get yourself organised and win a few more clients. Good luck!


Michael Foote

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5 Things You Really Need In Your Pocket When You Run A Plumbing Business

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