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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Every successful business (and every business, for that matter) stems from the same one thing. An idea. Some ideas are better thought out than others, of course, but nonetheless, the seed of every business will be an idea of some thought. It might be the concept of the business itself; it could be why the business needs to exist – either way, it all starts with an idea. If you want to run a business, but are out of ideas – have some on us. With the right work ethic, some hard work and the right skills – these ideas will always deliver.


Money. We all need it. We all want it. Not many of us are good with it, especially businesses? What do you call a business that is not at all good with money? No longer a business. Businesses that can’t keep track of their cash will lose out. That’s where you come in – with the right qualifications, you can run an Accountancy firm to help businesses make the most of their money, or you might just end up doing their taxes. At any rate, businesses will always need people to help balance the books, so why not you?


We’ve talked already about the idea of a mobile business because in the modern world, businesses are less inclined to stand still. Delivery and logistics businesses are almost guaranteed success stories, as long as you can meet your targets!  For big ideas when it comes to delivery, you need to think haulage and trucking, you might think it’s difficult to get started, but there are services like that can help you get off your feet. Just remember – no matter what delivery firm you choose to run, simply do your best to meet your targets. Customers like efficiency and responsibility from the people they do business with – especially those tasked with delivering products.

Editing & Content Creation

The world is moving fast on the back of content. Videos, written word, podcasts – and advertisers are buying in. Whether you choose to make your own content, or provide it for a business – you can make big money with offering dedicated content creation services that help businesses and news agencies connect. This can be based from home at the start, but it also offers rapid expansion possibilities. You might start off writing articles and editing copy, but you could end up producing award winning podcasts for clients. The end is only where your imagination stops with this role and it is only limited by your ideas.


If you’re handy in an area, be it computing or engineering, why not set up shop and deal with the problems of others? You’ll need the skills, but you might already have enough under your belt to get starting. You will not lack for business, but if you can create a fast turnaround from problem to resolution, you can certainly succeed.

What links these ideas? They will always be needed. Just do your part of the bargain and make a success of them.


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