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About Our Business Energy Comparison Service

Quote Goat have partnered with to offer you an award winning energy comparison service for SMEs.

With over 176,000 switches already completed, more than £76,000,000 saved and an average saving of 40%, we’re confident our service will benefit your business also.

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Why Compare Business Energy Suppliers?

Every UK company should compare business energy quotes to make sure they aren’t paying over the odds.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an international corporation or a small start-up operating out of a single room, nobody wants to overpay on their gas and electric. Since your business is almost guaranteed to use much more energy than the average domestic household, it’s not really hard to see why finding a great deal is so important.

So, it’s actually a little frightening just how many businesses have failed to switch commercial energy providers altogether, and continue to pay extortionate prices when there are so many better deals out there.

Quote Goat is here to make it easier than ever to find cheap business energy quotes. We remove the hassle of talking to multiple suppliers, and instead let you sit back and relax as we help you find a great deal. But first, you’ll probably need to know a little more about how it all works…

Why Should I Switch Business Energy Providers?

At the end of the day, extortionate energy bills are costing your business serious money. Unfortunately, too many businesses aren’t even aware that they’re being overcharged for their gas and electric, so continue to pay over the odds when instead they could be saving themselves some significant cash.

To find out if you’re paying too much, you need to take the time to compare business energy quotes and see what other suppliers can offer. Once you’ve done that, you can then switch to the provider that offers you the best deal, and allow your business to enjoy the massive savings!

Is Business Energy Cheaper Than Domestic?

There are a few major differences between business and domestic energy, but on the whole you should find that commercial rates are actually significantly cheaper. Whereas most domestic properties tend to pay their energy bills on a monthly basis, businesses are able to buy in bulk and make themselves a greater long-term saving.

However, business contracts also tend to be longer than domestic ones and buying in bulk can make it harder to end your tariff early, while there’s also no dual-fuel option for businesses to use. Of course, this is why it’s so important to compare quotes and make sure you’re choosing the right supplier.

What Are The Different Types of Business Energy Contract?

Many businesses are put off switching energy providers because they imagine it to be a complicated, long-winded process. In reality, however, sorting a new commercial energy contract is just as simple as switching your domestic supplier, especially when you use Quote Goat to compare business energy quotes.

Just like a domestic contract, the majority of your commercial energy bills will include a unit cost and standing charge, which will be dependent on how much energy your business uses and the supplier’s own distribution costs.

Most business energy suppliers will offer a fixed-rate contract, which means that your unit costs will remain the same for the duration of your contract. You might find that longer contracts result in a higher tariff, but at least you’ll be protected from any unexpected price spikes for the duration of your deal.

However, it is also possible to agree a variable-rate contract, so the price of your energy could differ from month to month; while you also might want to consider rollover, deemed-rate and 28-day contracts, too.

It all depends on your own specific circumstances and which type of business energy contract works best for you.

How To Find Cheap Business Energy Quotes UK

Ringing around multiple energy suppliers can be an arduous, time-consuming task, especially when you have to find separate gas and electric quotes. Since you’re busy trying to run your own business, it’s fair to assume you probably don’t have time for this.

However, there’s no question that finding cheap business energy quotes is bound to save you a lot of money, so you certainly shouldn’t continue to overpay due to a lack of time. Quote Goat takes the hassle out of price comparison, making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to find a great deal on their commercial energy rates.

All you have to do is click the ‘COMPARE ONLINE’ tab at the top of the page, enter the relevant details, and then compare cheap business energy quotes in the UK. From there, you’ll be able to pick a supplier that’s perfect for your business, and ultimately make a huge saving on your business energy bills.

Love Energy Savings £1,000 Cashback Guarantee – Terms & Conditions

Love Energy Savings aim to beat the forecast annual cost of any 1, 2 or 3-year fixed electricity or gas initial renewal offer, based on your annual consumption that you provide to us. Where Love Energy Savings decide not to offer a lower priced plan, Love Energy Savings will pay £1,000 per customer. The promotion is open to new and existing customers who are small or medium enterprises and excludes any other promotion offered by a competing supplier, e.g. cashback. Your energy tariff or fixed price contract must be in the renewal window. If Love Energy Savings can’t beat the price you tell us and you’d like to claim the £1,000 promotion, we’ll need to see the competing initial renewal offer either in writing or by email issued by your existing supplier. The contract start date must be within 120 days of the date on the renewal letter or email.

Love Energy Savings will review our offer and the competing offer from your existing supplier using information you provide to us such as your annual consumption as well as any additional costs or charges you’ll pay in the competing offer over the contract period, e.g. distribution/transportation, VAT, Climate Change Levy (CCL) or CCL equivalent charge and government environmental charges or costs. If the competing offer is for a 2 or 3-year term, Love Energy Savings will use the same annual consumption for each year.

The promotion is available to small and medium enterprises with less than 10 non-half hourly electricity or non-daily metered gas sites who use less than 1,000,000kWh of electricity or 1,500,000kWh of gas per year. Alternative offers through third-party intermediaries are not eligible for this promotion. Any offer of a contract is subject to a credit check. If Love Energy Savings can’t beat the renewal offer, then Love Energy Savings send a £1,000 cheque made out to the business name within 28 days, following receipt of the written/email offer and of our declining to beat the offer from your existing supplier.