Hip Tips For A Hipster Office

Do you want to ensure that your company is always on trend and is able to build up an ultra cool reputation? You might not think that this is so important but, in actual fact, it can help attract all of the best and most experienced applicants to apply for your open positions. And, once you start to hire the best talent that is out there, you will find that the productivity in your office greatly increases.

So, ready for a cool makeover? The best place to start is with your office. Creating a hipster workspace will certainly help your business stand out from all its competitors. Here are some tips that you need to follow to turn your office into the ultimate hip workspace.

Think About Your Office Location

Sometimes, it’s not about what your office looks like, it’s more about where your office is. Every town and city will have its cool and trendy neighbourhoods and areas. So, if you want your company to emulate coolness, you should rent out some office space in these areas. More often than not, it’s the up-and-coming neighbourhoods that are often thought of as the coolest. Just look at the Neukoelln neighbourhood in Berlin. It is where all the hipsters live and where lots of cool and pioneering start-ups base themselves. So, where’s the Neukoelln equivalent in your city?

Make It Bright And Personal

You need to create a friendly environment in your office so that all your employees feel right at home there. And that means adding lots of bright colour and personal touches to the decor. Adding artworks and framed photos to the walls is a great way to do this. You might even want to ask your employees to bring in any photos and decorative items they have from home. That way, your team’s eclectic style can help to transform a dull office into a stylish space filled with real personality!

Don’t Neglect Practical Features

Sure, you need to include lots of fun touches to your hipster office. But that doesn’t mean you can neglect all of the practical stuff! You still need to make sure that you invest in office security systems, heating systems from Winrow Heating and efficient air conditioning. All of these practical systems can help your employees stay comfortable throughout their working day. Plus, it’s also worth adding some useful facilities, such as an office kitchen and showers.

Add Some Fun

Is there anything more hipster than an office with table football and table tennis tables? I don’t think so! If you have space for a breakout room, then you should certainly look into adding some of these to it. That way, your employees can kick back over a game and relax in their breaks and lunch hours. Don’t forget to add some super comfy sofas or bean bags as well!

As you can see, it actually isn’t that difficult to make a hipster office that will appeal to your employees. What else would you add to yours?


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Hip Tips For A Hipster Office

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