How Can Startup Owners Find The Right People To Grow Their Business?

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve looked at the numbers, and you know you can make it work. Thanks to your years of experience, patience, and unique skills, you’ve got this startup up and running. Unfortunately, this is where even the most talented entrepreneurs can stop dead in the water. Without the right resources to keep up the momentum and take your business to new markets, your business simply can’t grow. The resources you need most are people.

Where Is Talent Needed?

Some of the areas where you need exceptional talent on board include:



Production Design

Technology Specialists


You may be a very talented entrepreneur. It’s unlikely you have all the skills or the time necessary to fill each of these specialist roles yourself, though. Instead, you need to start investing in people you can trust to hit the ground running and turn your business around.

Talent doesn’t grow on trees, but it can grow. Experience and opportunity are the most important factors when it comes to developing talent. When you’re looking for exceptional employees, look to their past. What opportunities have they had in the past? What experiences can they bring to your company?


Training is another important aspect to consider. Are you able to offer training to the people you hire? What level of education do they need to have attained to be right for the roles you’re trying to fill? Are there particular colleges or Universities you’re keen to recruit from? If you are willing to train your candidates, what does that training program look like? Who will run it and what will participants achieve?

As an entrepreneur, you have many more things to do with your time than recruit. Most businesses use recruitment agencies. They can post their jobs and select suitable candidates for interview. You might prefer to look to companies like the one at that can effectively network to headhunt the most talented candidates for each of your roles. This offers another level of checks and selection by choosing only the top-tier talent as recommended by their peers.

Startup businesses tend to recruit for the entry-level and the senior management roles first. There are many day-to-day tasks such as administration, customer service, and reception duties. These can quickly be handed over to local people. Often, part-time opportunities are better filled for these roles.

When you start to hire the people that can develop your business and help you grow, you need specialists. These are the top tier candidates that will eventually head up entire departments. Senior managers and directors are what you’re looking for here. Everyone in the middle will come on board once you’ve seen more growth.

These early hires might determine your business structure for years to come. Consider carefully what areas you need help with. Your budget might not yet stretch to six-figure salaries. However, if you don’t invest in the best, how can you grow to the size you need to be? Find the right people today to take your business to the big leagues tomorrow.


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