How to Deal With Panic in the Business

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

As much as we love to prepare for the worst, there are times when we’ll be sent into a panic because something in our business has gone horribly wrong. However daunting it may sound, it’s a good idea to stay calm as best you can or else you’ll be making rash decisions that could ultimately harm your company. In order to keep your head in the game and prevent you from doing anything too outrageous, here are a couple of tips you should follow.

Make sure you have a continuity plan

If you don’t have a continuity plan then you’re putting your business at risk. What if your networked storage devices fail when you’re in the middle of a large-scale project? What if a flood destroys your business because it’s located on a basement floor? What if a fire starts and you don’t have any way to stop it spreading to your archived files? These are disasters that need to be planned for if you want your business to continue, and without a continuity plan to protect your business you risk losing your business any time there’s adversity at your doorstep.

Don’t take it out on the employees

The worst thing you can do is cause a divide among employees. It’s understandable that you’re stressed out, but don’t make the mistake of causing a fuss among people that work for you.  Band together as a team to deal with the problem instead of pointing fingers and blaming each other. As a company, you need to always work together to solve issues and it’s important for you to keep the team morale high so that you can work with a steady hand and a clear mind.

Contact the right people to help

Networking is an important part of any company’s business strategy, and they can do wonders for when your business is in a pinch. For instance, if one of your company trucks has suddenly broken down because the driver forgot to top up the fuel, then you may want to contact a specialist company such as New Era Fuels to drive out and supply them with gas to finish their delivery. If your computers suddenly break, then you’ll want to be in touch with a local computer repair specialist so they can come and fix your machines on-site.

Accept it happens to everyone

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up about it. Understand that everyone gets into tough situations now and then, and even if you try your hardest to plan for continuity, situations might arise that will completely turn your business on its head. The follow-up and what you do after the panic is just as important as what you do during it, so make sure you keep your head on tight and stay resilient during these tough times.

Final words

So to conclude, make sure you keep your team together during a state of panic and get the right external help if it’s needed. These tough situations will define your business’s success, so take them seriously and never give in.


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