Millennials In The Workplace

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

What springs to mind when you hear that sentence? For some people, it may make them shake in horror. After all, most millennials have a bad reputation for being fairly lazy and afraid of the real world. But is it really all that bad? In actual fact, introducing millennials to the workplace can really be beneficial to your business. That’s because they can bring a contemporary viewpoint to your business, and can help you tap into the millennial group as a new customer base.

You just need to make sure that your company is ready for introducing these young workers into your office and have plenty of best practices in place to help them settle in. Read on to find out more!

Offer Training

As university fees are now continually increasing, some millennials are shirking studies in favour of on the job training. So, it’s a good idea to offer some training or an apprenticeship. This way, you can ensure that they have the exact skills and knowledge that are required for your company. If you do hire graduates, you might want to sponsor them for further education or graduate courses like masters of engineering management or a PhD in your business’s industry. Not only does reinforcing their training and education help to improve their skill set, but it will also instil a professional mindset into them.

Don’t Micromanage

Most employers can be quite anxious when they first bring in some millennials to their team. This often leads them to micromanaging them. This isn’t good for any employee, and it certainly won’t do your millennials any good either. It can make you come across as quite un-trusting, and it can also be off-putting while people are trying to work. If you stop micromanaging, you will find it helps to encourage an independence in your workers, which can help them be a lot more productive.

Consider A Buddy System

Worried that your new millennial employees might not settle into your company in their first few weeks? One way to get around this problem is to assign all new employees a ‘buddy’. This buddy should be someone who has been with your company for a couple of years already and knows the business inside and out. They will be able to take a new hire under their wing and help them settle into their new job.

Listen To Them

It’s important that you listen to each and every one of your employees, but especially so with your millennial workers. They are well accustomed to the modern world and will have lots of ideas of how your company can attract a younger clientele and customer base. Not only that, though, but they will also be able to adapt easily to new technologies in the workplace and can help your older employees learn how to use them.

You shouldn’t be worried about hiring millennials. We’ve all been young once and in their shoes. If you give them a chance, you might be surprised at just how beneficial they can be for your company!


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