Surety & Security: Protecting Your Business All Over

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

We all want to make sure we are protecting our business as best as we can, especially when it comes to protecting it from criminal activities. Crime is a massive concern for every single one of us that is running a business, and regardless of how small your company is, you are still at risk. In fact, it’s more prudent for a small business to have security measures in place because they have a lot more to lose! So where do we begin?

Identifying Your Weak Spots

Carrying out a detailed risk assessment is vital to find out what parts of your business are vulnerable. You may have learnt the hard way and know what your weak spots are due to cyber attacks you have had in the past, or even the area you are operating in may be prone to more break ins. Either way, undertaking a risk assessment inside and out by going through every business process, from technological to even personal by going through your employees, helps to create a more effective and secure setup.

Implement Working Practices

The great thing about running a secure business is that there are many different resources available from security systems, such as video surveillance. There are plenty of more sophisticated methods of security now in comparison to a few years ago, like IP cameras which you can see on to understand how it compares to a typical CCTV camera. And although wireless security cameras are a 24/7 operation, it’s only one part of the working processes. You need to make sure that your staff are well-versed in security and what they can do to better protect themselves and the business if there is a threat to the company.

Protecting Data

There are many simple ways to keep your data secure which you can find on to give you a few ideas. But it’s important for you to keep in mind the impact of losing sensitive information. A lot of authorities are now clamping down on businesses that are prone to losing data by implementing a heavy penalty system. A lot of businesses are getting fined large amounts for data protection breaches, so it is in your best interests to have your information and your customers’ data as secure as possible, by putting the appropriate stop gaps in place.

The Importance Of Consistency

While it is of the utmost importance for you to have the preventative measures in place, it doesn’t stop there. You have to make sure you are undertaking regular checks, especially as crime, and specifically, cyber crime, is an evolving species, you have to make sure that your security measures are up to date and up to code. Constant training and reiteration of the best security practices will reinforce the issue, and you need to make sure that you are doing this at least once a year.

Protecting your company isn’t an issue you should take lightly. It’s vital that you have the most up-to-date and comprehensive protection methods in place, because it won’t just slightly inconvenience your business, it you could put you completely out of business!


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