The Secrets Of Organised Business Owners

Being ‘organised’ may seem like a personality trait, but the truth is that anyone can be organised if they put their mind to it. When you run a business, it’s important to be organised to help you keep track of workloads and finances – especially if it’s just you working for yourself. Want some tips on getting yourself organised? Here are some of the secrets of top business owners to help you stay on top of your business.

‘Batch’ your tasks

Ever heard of ‘batching’? If you haven’t, maybe it’s time you did some research. Batching is a productivity technique in which you complete tasks in batches, be it emails, processing invoices or mailing potential clients and customers. Setting aside time to get these tasks done at certain points of the week will help you to make the most of your time, rather than to switch from one task to the other. Spend a week testing this technique out and see if it can work for you.

Set yourself sensible working hours

When you work for yourself, it can be tempting to work all sorts of hours and continue working into the night. This isn’t healthy and could lead you to burn out if you’re not careful. Try and set yourself reasonable and structured working hours. Working 9-5 might sound like a cliche, but it can help you stick to a proper working routine that will ensure tasks get done. A proper working routine will help make it easier for you to work with clients and customers and frees up your evenings and weekends for time for yourself.

Get help

If you really struggle to stay on top of things like your schedule or correspondence, then maybe it’s time to hire some help. You don’t need to hire someone full-time to help you get organised, and hiring a Receivr virtual receptionist for even just a couple of hours a week could make all the difference to your business. Having someone to delegate your administration to as well as help keep track of your inbox will be extremely valuable to your business, helping you to get on with more important tasks while someone else takes care of the day to day.

Forward plan

It’s easy to get into the mindset of taking things one day at a time, but that’s how you can get caught off guard. Business owners who forward plan can better manage their workload, having a better understanding of what’s coming up that will need planning for in advance. Start every Monday by looking ahead to what’s coming up for the rest of the week, and put regular forward planning appointments in your diary to help you plan further in advance as well as come up with new ideas on what the next steps for your business should be.Being organised is a skill and is one you can learn easily by putting different techniques into practice. Find ways to free up your time so that you can stay on top of your workload while planning for your future. Resolve to become more organised and enjoy higher productivity for a better business.
Michael FooteThe Secrets Of Organised Business Owners

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