The Surprising Influences On Your Business

Just as with individuals, no group of people is an island in its own right, without any hint of outside influence. This is as true of your business as anything else. The fact is, your company is always going to be subject to the influence of certain external forces and factors, and the sooner you accept that the sooner you can make the most of the situation. However, something that you need to appreciate first and foremost is that some of the things which influence your business are quite unexpected or surprising. Appreciating the ways in which they do, however, is a noble and powerful step forward for an entrepreneur to take.


Whether or not you like to admit it, the politics of the country you are situated in affects your business greatly. If you think about it, this is obvious enough. After all, it is the world of politics which ultimately dictates what you can and cannot do in business, and there are so many examples of this that it is hard to list them all. However, that’s not the only way that political change can have an effect on your corporation. Something as simple as a little governmental unrest can have the effect of blowing a plan you had out of the water. You might even find it necessary to get some political risk consulting if you want to minimize the damage done here. Politics affects your business every day in powerful ways, so pay attention to it.


The actions that your rivals do and do not take affect your company more than you probably like to think. You might, like many entrepreneurs in your position, like to suppose that your business acts in a vacuum, but the truth is that you react to the behaviour of other businesses more than you know. In a sense, this is quite sensible. After all, reacting appropriately to what rival businesses are doing means that you are more likely to remain competitive. But you might benefit from limiting this a little, and trying to pay a little less attention to those competitors. If you do this, you might even be able to make more sensible decisions in the future of your business.

Other Industries

Once you really start to look at the details of business, it is staggering how many industries you rely on day after day in order for your business to continue to exist, let alone thrive. Capitalism works by all of these industries holding each other up, and once one falls the shockwaves can spread quickly, causing devastating damage to other industries in its wake. Your business, therefore, is also greatly affected by whatever is going on in other industries, and it is definitely worth taking that into account as well.

When you have a proper understanding of what influences your business, you are more likely to take the most appropriate steps towards improving it. So understanding the above is hugely beneficial for the future of your company.

Michael Foote

Quote Goat's founder and money-saving enthusiast.

The Surprising Influences On Your Business