Tips and Tricks to Perk Up Your Independent Coffee Shop

Coffee is a consistently rewarding business option: there is a persistent demand, as most people will want to grab an energy boosting espresso shot on their way into work, catch up with friends over a delicious mocha or have a standard Americano on their lunch break. But, where there’s high demand, there will also be tough competition. Certain brands hold a monopoly over the majority of the market, but this doesn’t necessarily work to your disadvantage. You can capitalise on being a small, independent business. Many coffee drinkers will appreciate this, understanding that you spend more time focusing on the quality of your products, as opposed to the mass producibility. So, if you’re interested in setting up, or already have a store and are looking for a way to perk things up a little, here are a few profit creating tips and tricks to try out.

Hold Free Taster Sessions

Chances are that you already know that a good cup of coffee is a little more complex than a simple concoction of hot water and ground beans. You’ve put hard work into finding the perfect blend for your customers, so let them know how high-quality your products are. Hold free taster sessions in your store, where you can explain your process to current and potential customers. Have espresso shots of your most popular coffees available for people to sip while you weave a tale of your selection process, the beans’ origins and the brewing methods that you use. This will help to build strong customer relations, which are essential in a marketplace where customer loyalty can make or break a business.

Sell Your Own Beans

As a little add-on, why not sell your own special brews and beans to your most loyal customers? Customers who particularly adore the coffee that you serve in your store will relish the opportunity of grabbing a bag to bring the taste back home. For new customers and passers by, you will have to use the power of aesthetics to make the sale. Different shaped bags, tin ties and heat sealers are available, so make the most of what’s available to you. Create eye catching coffee packaging using your personal branding. You also need to ensure that the packaging keeps the signature taste, scent and colour of the beans, so use specialist coffee pouches that will keep the product fresh.

Offer a Loyalty Program

As we just mentioned, customer loyalty is central to the generation of profit in the coffee industry. Offer a loyalty program to keep customers returning and ward them off from competition and rivals in the field. The easiest way to do this is to have a stamp card. Give a stamp per purchase and allow the customer their tenth cup free. It’s as simple as that!

Follow these simple steps, and you will ensure that your coffee shop stays afloat in a sea of competitors. Not only will you have the independent store of your dreams, but you will make significant profits too.

Michael Foote

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Tips and Tricks to Perk Up Your Independent Coffee Shop

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