What Makes A Product Successful?

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

In the world of manufacturing, high-quality products are central to the success of any business. Other contributing factors will influence the overall outcome. Still, it’ll be almost impossible to achieve sustained progress without those winning products behind you. So, what exactly is the definition of a great item?

The simple answer is that a great product is one that generates a steady profit. However, there are several boxes that must be ticked to make this happen. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important factors.


Ultimately, the fate of a product will be decided by the customer as sales figures are the key barometer. Clients must be persuaded to purchase your products over the alternatives. This is why marketability is everything.

The appearance of a product is always vital. Whether it’s a car or a kitchen knife, the colours and design aspects will have a huge impact on the interest levels. Meanwhile, you must think about the packaging and digital promotion that could be used. After all, it’s essential that you can offer the full package to satisfy the customer’s demands and desires.

Marketing is arguably the greatest business skill of all. Then again, even the greatest salesman will struggle when the product doesn’t look the part. Do not forget it.


Appearances will generate the initial interest, and you may even gain some sales off the back of them. In truth, though, the function and purpose of the product are far more important. A product that looks the part but doesn’t act the part is futile. In this modern digital age, news of poor items will soon spread via online customer reviews too.

Before hitting the shelves, it’s imperative that all products have been put through rigorous testing. In addition to the internal testing, you could use focus groups and similar ideas to ensure that customers will be happy.   

It’s far easier to rectify an issue during those stages rather than attend to them once you’ve gone to market. Given that problems with one item could harm the entire company’s reputation, falling into the trap of ignoring the function simply isn’t an option.


Creating a product that looks and feels great today is one thing, but what about tomorrow? Some inexpensive items may escape this requirement. In most cases, however, it’s imperative that those products are built to last.

The finishing touches can often be the most important factor of all. When using metals,  electroplating services actively prolong lifespan while aiding the aesthetic. A great finish also enables you to keep using the most cost-efficient materials underneath. This can only aid profit margins.

Even when dealing with light materials, flimsy products will only result in returns and unhappy customers. This will hit your pocket hard in both the immediate and long-term future.

The Final Word

Essentially, when designing and manufacturing new products for your business, you must learn to think like a customer. If you’d be happy to spend money on the item, there’s a good chance that other audiences will too.



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