Your Job & The Perks You Could Be Missing Out On

Whatever role you embody in your daily work, there are always going to be perks to that job which you should have. All employers owe you a certain amount in the way of these perks, and it is worth knowing as fully as possible what they are. The better you understand this, the more likely it is that you are getting what you are actually entitled to, rather than just a bare minimum – or even worse. If you have the nagging suspicion that you could be getting more out of your employer, take a look at the following for some ideas of where to begin looking.

Health Insurance

Are you currently receiving health insurance? Whether or not you are already aware of it, the truth is that many employees around the country are entitled to a certain degree of health insurance. It is definitely worth looking into, to see if you are entitled to it in your role. Worst case scenario: the answer is no, and you have not lost anything. But if it turns out that yours is a role which allows you to have some kind of health insurance, it is definitely worth having, even if it is only a small amount. Any amount will be worthwhile, so make sure you look into this at your earliest convenience.


It is an absolute basic of course, but you need to make sure that you are receiving a salary which is fair and which you are ultimately happy with. The salary you receive is arguably the most vital employee financial perks there is, and you need to make sure that you are getting what is really owed to you. Of course, a difficulty here is that it can be hard knowing what is genuinely owed to you, and the idea of what is fair varies from corporation to corporation, and even between individuals. The main measure should be whether you personally feel that you are earning enough for what you do, in which case it is likely to be a good amount. If not, you can speak up and ask for a raise, or just look for work elsewhere.

Paid Holidays

It is the case that employers have to give you a certain amount of paid holiday. How much depends on the industry in question, how many hours a week you work, how long you have been with the company in some cases, and other factors besides. But you should receive some paid holiday every year, and a little simple research should show up whether or not you are getting everything you deserve on this front. If you are not, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and have it sorted out. It is likely that your employer is given the benefit of the doubt, but if you think anything was done on purpose you might choose to report them instead.

By ensuring that you are getting all of the perks you are entitled to, you can be sure of being much happier in your role, so look into this today.

Michael Foote

Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors, gaining a financial qualification in 2010-2011. LinkedIn Profile

Your Job & The Perks You Could Be Missing Out On