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Written by Michael Foote , founder of Quote Goat, with over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Understanding your car insurance policy is vital and yet we see many people who are unsure on what is and what isn’t covered on their own policy. Sometimes, this lack and knowledge can lead to driving offences which can incur a fixed penalty of £300 as well as six penalty points on your driving license.

Most problems stem from lending, borrowing and test driving cars but there are other, more arbitrary offences which catch drivers out:

Borrowing a car for a business trip

The reason insurance providers require you to state whether your vehicle is for personal or business use is that business insurance is a lot more complex in the event of an incident because companies and employees may be involved. Lending and borrowing vehicles for business use complicates insurance policies and most personal policies won’t cover an accident that happens outside of personal use.

Temporary car insurance can be obtained in the event that a car is borrowed for a business trip, but never assume your policy will cover you, always make sure.

Sharing the drive

A common pitfall we see regarding car insurance is with individuals that share the driving on long road trips. Obviously sharing the driving has its benefits; not only will you be able to avoid driving tired, you’ll be able to enjoy the company on the road and avoid losing time. Yet many overlook ensuring that everyone is covered via the co-drivers policy. Always double check with your provider before you set off.

Driving a new car off the forecourt

Thousands of new car owners are caught each year driving their brand-new car home. Within minutes of securing a vehicle they find themselves with points on their license, large fines, and sometimes an instant driving ban.

Before you drive a car off the forecourt or off the driveway of a private seller, always make sure you’ve arranged appropriate insurance coverage beforehand.

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