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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Compare BMW 3 Series Insurance Quotes

Insurance costs can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including location, mileage, driving experience, previous claims and even your job role.

The quickest and easiest way to find out how much it will cost for you is to compare car insurance quotes online. Our free comparison service compares quotes from over 100 insurance providers. Even if you have not purchased your car you can still use it to get an idea.

What is the average insurance for a BMW 3 Series?

The average cost to insure a BMW 3 Series is £1,078.25.

To calculate this average we ran a number of quotes using typical driver profiles from different areas of the country and also included the following criteria:

  • Petrol engine
  • Manufactured in 2018
  • No driving offences
  • Parks on a driveway over night and at work during the day
  • Right hand drive car, no modifications
  • Voluntary excess of £200
  • No black box
  • A no claims bonus of 2 years

How can I save money by reducing my 3 Series Insurance?

No one likes over-paying so we ran a number of similar quotes with just one variation in each to highlight how little changes to your driving habits or your car (if you are still deciding between different models) can have a dramatic affect on the price. To calculate the change we took an average insurance quote of £819 with an average driver profile.

Automatic engine vs. manual engine

Automatic: £743 vs Manual: £819

If you have not yet purchased your car then we would recommend running a quote for both an automatic and a manual gearbox as our tests found a difference of almost 10% per year!

Mileage per year:

10k: £819 vs 20k: £1,000

Be careful not to over estimate your mileage as our quotes showed a saving of almost 20%, demonstrating that it pays to take the time to figure out your actual mileage each year. A word of warning though, do not give a false mileage figure to reduce your quote as it may invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim.

Voluntary excess

Voluntary excess of £200: £819 vs voluntary excess of £500: £714

Deciding on the amount of excess you are willing to pay voluntarily in the event of any claim is tricky. It may be appealing to go for a higher excess in the mindset that you will not claim in the year etc. but this higher excess will really sting in the unfortunate event that you have to make a claim. Even if you consider yourself to be THE best driver you still cannot account for other drivers on the road, you may even need to claim on your insurance if your parked car is hit whilst you are nowhere near it.

Alarm, Tracking Device & Immobiliser

None: £819 vs all: £724

Having a vehicle with all of the above fitted reduces the risk of insuring your car which rewards you with a saving. It may be something to bear in mind if you are currently in the market for a 3 Series.

Age of Vehicle

2018: £819 vs 2010: £780

The age of your BMW will affect your insurance but it may not affect it as you think. Most people are of the belief that the cheaper the car the lower the insurance however this is not always true. It pays to check before you buy your car.

Modifications (Rear roof spoiler and chipped engine)

Not modified: £819 vs modified: £883

Modifications indicate higher risk to an insurance provider so if you can you should try and stay away from them. If you do modify your car in any way whilst you are insured you will need to advise your insurance provider immediately.