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The crowded streets and busy roads of Bradford are just one reason why the insurance premiums are some of the highest in the UK. The West Yorkshire city ranks as the 7th most highly populated English district with a population of just over 500,000, and is known for its architecture and industrial history, rising to prominence during the 19th century as an international centre for textile manufacturing. The natural beauty of Bradford draws motorists from all over the UK, and the city is located just 8.9 miles from Leeds which means that it is easily accessible via the M62 and M606 motorway networks.

As a driver, you will understand the importance of valid insurance when driving in busy cities like Bradford. Quote Goat gives real-time results from over 100 different providers in a matter of minutes so that you can find the cost-effective car insurance quotes for all your driving needs. There are a lot of different factors that insurance providers use in order to calculate a premium and it can be invaluable to understand why.


Where you live allows an insurance company to look at the local statistics for the area and see if there are any risks to be taken. After all, high-crime neighbourhoods or postcodes that suggest a driver may be more likely to file for an at-fault claim are all factors that providers use to calculate a premium, raising or lowering the cost based on what these figures conclude. Although the way these factors are used are out of the control of the policy holder, it is vital that you always put the correct address down as intentional deception may invalidate your policy.


In the UK it is possible for drivers to begin lessons or even take their test when they turn 17, and the popularity of lease cars means that there are more and more young drivers driving fast and powerful vehicles on the road each year. With this said, most insurance companies conclude that drivers below the age of 25 are a risk on the road due to their lack of experience which means that many will pay an excessive amount during their first and/or second year behind the wheel.

Voluntary Excess

There are two types of excess when it comes to car insurance: compulsory, a fixed amount which you must pay, and voluntary, a figure that you can decide upon yourself. Effectively, your voluntary excess is almost like making a bet with yourself on how likely you are to get into an accident as the higher you go, the more you trust in your driving ability. Plus, insurance companies tend to favour policies with a high voluntary excess which may lower your premium. Just be aware that you would be expected to pay both the compulsory and voluntary excess when filing a claim, and this may be more than the cost of repairing your vehicle!

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