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As the commercial, financial and cultural heart of West Yorkshire, the city of Leeds is fast becoming a popular hotspot for both tourists and students. After all, there are 5 city centre universities that are bringing drivers from all over the country into the area. In these circumstances, it is important to ensure that the address on your insurance policy reflects where you currently live as failing to provide accurate information can invalidate your cover and raise your premium.

Driving in a bustling city centre like Leeds isn’t for the faint-hearted. Its one-way ‘loop road’ system is around 2 miles long and encircles a section of the shopping district, typically confusing those who are unfamiliar with the area. The aim of the Loop is to make navigating the city more straight forwarded for everyone and is comprised of 18 separate junctions. Many insurance providers will take local statistics, such as the likelihood of a driver being involved in an at-fault accident, into consideration when it comes to road systems such as these and these figures may influence the premium of drivers in Leeds.

As a driver, you will know how important it is to insure your vehicle at all times and Quote Goat compares quotes from over 100 different providers so you can see real-time results in a matter of minutes.

Top Tips to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

Telematics: There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to telematics policies, however, a black box can reduce your premium by hundreds. They are available for those aged 25 or under and are an ideal choice for new drivers, young drivers or those who live in busy cities like Leeds. Simply plug the device into the designated slot and watch as it tracks your speed, driving smoothness and breaking habits.

Overnight Parking: Where you park your car can tell an insurance provider a lot about the type of risk they are making. After all, garages and driveways are statistically safer because they reduce the risk of damage and theft compared to road-side parking. This means that a change to where your vehicle will be kept overnight can either increase or decrease your premium.

No Claims Bonus: Every year that you successfully go without making a claim on your insurance policy can help reduce your premium because they are classified as No Claims Bonuses (NCBs). The more that you have the more savings that you can expect to receive so it is often more beneficial to avoid making a claim for minor damage. This allows you to protect your NCBs and ensure that you receive any subsequent savings on your premium.

Mileage: Insurance premiums aren’t calculated on the habits of an individual driver which means that those with a higher annual mileage are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident because they are simply on the road more often. Ask yourself how many miles you are realistically going to do in a given year as you may be surprised to find that your car insurance premium is being influenced by a grossly over-estimated figure.

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