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Leicester is a unitary authority located in the East Midlands which means that there is a one tier local government that is responsible for all local functions that take place within the area, such as leisure, housing, waste collection, planning applications and even local tax collections. The city itself lies on the River Soar as well as towards the eastern end of the National Forest which makes it a tourism hotspot. In fact, the M1 motorway is located just a short distance away. It is never a good idea to drive without cover, especially in cities like Leicester, as providers use local statistics to calculate your premium and failing to obtain a policy can actually negatively impact the entire area.

Finding car insurance quotes with Quote Goat couldn’t be easier as we deliver real-time results from over 100 different providers so that you can source the very best prices. It is important to provide accurate information when looking for car insurance quotes as intentional deception will hurt your reputation and your premium. Here are a few mistakes that can invalidate your policy:

Failing to get an MOT

An MOT is an annual test that must be carried out in order to determine whether or not your vehicle is safe for use on the road, and it is a legal requirement for all cars that are 3 years or older. Whilst it is never considered good news to hear that your vehicle has failed its MOT, you should never neglect your responsibilities as a road user. This is because it is not only dangerous to drive a vehicle with an expired MOT, it may also invalidate your car insurance and your provider may reserve the right to refuse to pay out should you find yourself involved in an accident.

Putting the Incorrect Address

Insurance providers use local statistics in order to calculate the risk of providing a driver with cover, and that is why they ask for your address during the process of obtaining a quote. If these figures suggest that you live in a high-crime area where the vehicle may be subject to theft, it is possible that providers may raise the premium that they offer. In these situations, it can be tempting to put down an alternative address in order to save money, however, this will invalidate your policy and may make it difficult to take out insurance in the future. Always ensure that you put down the correct address for the most accurate policy premium.

Dishonest No Claims Bonuses

Every year that you hold a car insurance policy in your name without making a claim can be used in your favour as a No Claims Bonus (NCB), and whilst providers stop counting at 5 years, it is still possible to rack up decades worth of NCB’s with sensible driving. The more that you have, the more savings that you can expect to receive on your premium. With this said, lying about your No Claims Bonus may work as a short-term solution but will invalidate your policy pretty quickly when your provider asks for proof and you cannot provide it. Honesty is always the best policy!

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