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London is thought to be one of the most expensive cities in the UK to drive in thanks to the cost of fuel, the price of parking and the way that insurance premiums are calculated. In fact, just 54% of London households have a registered vehicle as a vast majority of the population prefer to opt for public transport instead. With this said, it is possible to drive affordably in London when you compare car insurance quotes.

Quote Goat compares quotes from over 100 different insurance providers in order to help you find the best price based on local statistics and beyond. After all, London premiums are influenced by a lot more than the number of at-fault claims in a particular area as its high population density, crime rates and contrasting neighbourhoods all play a major role in the kind of prices that drivers are provided with.

When it comes to insurance, cheaper doesn’t always equal better value and every driver should understand how important it is to have a valid policy to their name. There are several factors to consider when looking for car insurance prices in London:

Type of Car

Londoners tend to have expensive cars like BMW’s, Audi’s and Bentley’s which can hike up your premium as they are considered more at risk for theft. As a result, you should always consider the make and model of your vehicle when shopping around for quotes as some providers may be cautious when it comes to providing cover for such flashy cars. Insuring a less conspicuous make could see you save hundreds on your premium as a London driver.

Your Address

Just like any other city, London premiums are calculated using statistics based on the policy holder’s address. This allows the provider to see how likely it is that the driver may get into an at-fault accident and adjust the price of their quote accordingly. There are 32 boroughs in London which leaves a lot of wiggle room when it comes to insurance premiums, and those who live within the city centre tend to pay a lot more than those who live on the outskirts.


We all know that young drivers are hit with the highest insurance premiums due to their lack of experience behind the wheel, however, this can really take a toll in London. Of course, this is all down to statistics which suggest that drivers aged 25 and above are less likely to make a claim. It can be beneficial to be an additional driver on your parents’ policy at first as many young drivers tend to find insurance premiums in busy cities like London are out of their price range.

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