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Sheffield is a fairly populated city found in South Yorkshire and has a largely industrial heritage, particularly in steel-making, that can be traced back to the 18th century. In fact, a section of the nearby countryside is part of the Peak District National Park which brings motorists to and from the city via the M67 and M1 connecting motorways. Whether you are driving through the city centre or heading for the hills, every driver should understand the importance of a valid insurance policy.

Insurance quotes are calculated using local statistics that tell providers how risky it is to cover a driver. With this said, a lot of this information is out of the control of the policy holder because these figures are based on the average driver of a certain age, address and occupation. If these averages show that a lot of at-fault claims are made overtime then providers will need to increase the premiums that they offer even if the driver taking out the policy is highly sensible on the roads.

As a driver, you should always ensure that your vehicle has valid insurance, as required by law, in order to cover both yourself and other road users in the event of an accident. In fact, there are many different factors that insurance providers use in order to calculate premiums.

Factors That Influence Your Insurance Premium:

Your Occupation: A lot of insurance providers store the information relating to previous at-fault claims, and the job role of the driver is one these factors. As a such, your occupation can influence your premium significantly. This is because any statistical data that suggests that a certain profession, such as teachers or doctors for instance, are more likely to be in at-fault accident will see those working within that area hit with higher premiums.

Age: As a young driver, you will have less experience on the roads and are therefore deemed to be a higher risk to insure. This is why a lot of people actually start driving as a named driver on their parent’s policy as it can result in significant savings. Luckily, drivers aged 25 or under are eligible for a black box that can reduce your premium at the expense of recording your driving habits.

Your Driving History: It is important that you provide accurate information when shopping around for car insurance quotes, even if your driving history isn’t exactly gleaming. If you have any points on your licence, particularly for speeding or dangerous driving, then your insurance premium may be inflated to account for the risk, however honesty is always the best policy.

Road Risk: Whilst your address can affect your insurance premium, the roads that you use regularly can also be important too, particularly if you live in busy cities like Sheffield. After all, the information that providers will keep also shows which roads are considered high-risk or where an accident is more likely to take place. Since providers calculate risk based on predictions and statistics, your premium could be increased if they believe that you will be regularly driving in such areas.

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