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As a south coast port city, it is safe to say that Southampton has a rich history that can be dated back hundreds of years. In fact, the Titanic itself departed from there on April 10th 1912 and it was also one of the departure points used on D-Day. Southampton has close links with the M27, M271 and M3 motorways which makes it a highly accessible city for motorists, and notorious for congestion and delays. As such, it is important that you drive through the city centre with caution and always ensure that your vehicle has appropriate insurance. After all, it is a legal requirement for all road users.

When comparing car insurance with Quote Goat, you will be given real-time results from over 100 different providers so that you can find the very best price for your needs as a driver. After all, insurance premiums in Southampton are calculated based on local statistics like where you live, your occupation and the likelihood of an at-fault accident taking place. Insurance companies use this information in order to assess how risk associated with providing insurance and adjust their premiums accordingly.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can reduce the cost of your premium whilst still obtaining a valid insurance policy:

Don’t Auto-Renew

In the world of insurance, it is important that drivers understand how their premiums are calculated in order to avoid falling victim to inflated quotes. After all, many providers do not reward loyalty with savings and this means that auto-renewing could see you stuck with a premium significantly more expensive than the previous year. Many insurance companies encourage you to auto-renew under the impression that it saves time but really, they just want to stump you with a hefty premium. Always shop around for insurance when your policy is set to expire in order to ensure that you find the very best price.

Alarm Systems

Car insurance is all a measure of risk and reward, and premiums are calculated based on local statistics rather than the individual driving habits of the policy holder. With this said, there are certain features, such as a car alarm, that can reduce the risk of theft and therefore make your insurance much more affordable. The majority of modern vehicles have an in-built alarm system and they make your car much harder to steal. Insurance providers favour this and are more inclined to offer a reduced quote because the risk they are taking by covering you is being reduced.

Avoid High Risk Cars

We’ve all dreamed about sitting in the leather seats of a brand-new BWM or Range Rover once or twice, and for many people these ambitions become a reality. Every motorist should be aware that flashy cars with a hefty price tag are not the cheapest to insure as providers group models into categories based on risk. If your vehicle is thought to be a target for theft due to its make and model, you will often see the repercussions in your premium. As a result, sticking with an average/common vehicle is a sure-fire way to reduce your insurance.

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