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How To Find Cheap BMW Insurance

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Use our site to compare quotes from over 100 insurance providers.

To get started click the link above and you will be taken to the quote form to complete your details. We will instantly return quotes from a panel of car insurance providers, from the largest ones down to smaller companies specialising in various niche areas.

It’s important to compare quotes as each insurance provider will view you differently when establishing the insurance risk involved which subsequently determines the price for your cover.

It’s not unusual to see a variance of over a thousand pounds between quotes, which highlights the reason why you should be comparing quotes.

Whether you already have a favoured insurance provider or not shouldn’t be a factor as most money experts will tell you that loyalty does not pay these days. In fact it can be quite the opposite, with new customers receiving significantly better deals.

Are you a new BMW owner? Perhaps you have had one for years or maybe you are about to become an owner for the first time.

At we try not to go on about insurance comparison too much and therefore have created a mini quiz to see how much of a BMW fanatic you are:

1) When was BMW founded?

BMW was founded in 1916 in Germany with its headquarters in Munich

2) Which two others brands of cars do BMW own?

BMW also makes one of Britain’s national treasures, the Mini, which it started producing in 2001 after buying the brand from BMC. They are also the parent company of none other than the Rolls Royce.

3) Which two other auto-makers sit alongside BMW cars as the top three best-selling luxury auto-makers in the world?

Audi and Mercedes-Benz, although if you are reading this, we know what your favourite of three is!!

4) How many BMWs to the nearest million were manufactured in 2014?

2 million or to be precise – 1,811,179. On top of this they manufactured 300,000 Minis, 4,000 Rollers and 123,000 motorbikes!

That’s it. How did you do?

Had enough of a break from comparing BMW car insurance? Good, well why not get back to it by clicking the quote button at the top of the page! We also are keen to know how much you save when you get a quote with us, so if you have a minute to spare please do feel free to contact us via email and let us know how we did.