Common blackbox and telematics misconceptions

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By having a black box and telematics technology installed in your vehicle you can receive benefits when it comes to your premium costs. Whilst the inclusion of these types of technology are a clear benefit to drivers, unfortunately a lot of misinformation is spread online, creating myths and rumours that unfortunately find their way into the consciousness of thousands of drivers searching for car insurance.

We’re here to debunk some of the myths that surround telematics and black boxes when it comes to car insurance policies.

Driving curfews

Driving at night is more dangerous than driving in daylight. This is something that insurance companies take into account and a black box will let your provider know whether you are driving a lot at night. A common misconception is that black boxes allow insurance companies to set a curfew on when you can and can’t drive your car. There are no curfews with a black box. With one equipped you can still drive your vehicle without any restrictions, day and night.

Telematics data is sold to third parties for profit

The driving data that insurers collate on you are only ever used to determine your driving patterns in order to calculate your insurance premiums. They are never sold on to any other third party for any reason. Insurers want to be able to reward safe drivers with cheaper premiums; the best way that they can do this is to record driving data using telematics.

Telematics data is given to police to inform them if I have gone over the speed limit

Driving data is only ever handed over to the police in exceptional circumstances when they are legally obliged to regarding a specific incident. If you accidentally go over the speed limit this information is not instantly sent to the police, but if you are regularly exceeding the speed limit by noticeable amounts, the black box will pick up on this and it will influence your score and ultimately affect your insurance costs negatively.

Always ensure you are well informed when it comes to car insurance to ensure that myths such as these don’t affect the way you compare car insurance quotes. Educating yourself on the realities of car insurance is your best bet to securing cheaper car insurance next time you renew or switch.




Phillip CollinsCommon blackbox and telematics misconceptions

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