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Cheap Insurance For Convicted Drivers
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All types of convictions and points covered
Including DR10, SP30, TT99, LC10, CD10, IN10 and all others

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If you have any type of conviction, (driving and non-driving), points on your license or claims, we’re here to help.

See if You Can Save On Convicted Driver Insurance

Drivers with convictions are almost always faced with higher insurance costs, which is why you should get a specialist quote to try and help find cheaper convicted driver insurance.

It takes a matter of moments to fill out the quote form and compare quotes from specialist convicted driver insurance providers. We’re here to help convicted drivers find great quotes for their insurance and we do that every day for people like you.

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What You Need to Know About Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have already been searching for insurance and are not having any luck with standard insurance providers, you may have more luck getting quotes from specialist insuance providers. It is important to remember that you must have insurance to drive, it is a legal requirement. Driving without insurance can lead to a fine of up to £1000.

Non-driving related convictions: Even if your offence is not related to driving you may find that some insurance providers will still not offer insurance. However there is some good news as a conviction will become spent at a set time in the future, the table below provides information on this for driving convictions. Once the conviction is spent, you no longer have to declare it when purchasing insurance.

Declaring convictions for insurance: As tempting as it may be to not mention any criminal convictions when requesting insurance, it is absolutely essential that you do. Failure to detail any incidents, both driving convictions and non-driving can result in your insurance being invalidated when it comes to making a claim.

Other ways to keep your insurance to a minimum:

  • Minimise your miles – the less you drive the lower premium
  • Telematics – this is a popular option for young drivers and convicted drivers looking for cover. Using this technology will allow insurance providers to monitor your driving and reward safe driving with lower premiums
  • Increased excess – upping your excess is a sure fire way to lower your premium, however bear in mind that you will pay more if you need to make a claim
  • Secure vehicle – make sure your vehicle is fitted with an alarm if possible as that will help reduce your premiums too

How Long Does My Conviction Stay On My License?

Certain convictions stay on your license longer than others. It is important to know the length of time that each conviction is on your license as it affects the price of your insurance. Head over to our driving conviction table to look up your code

Compare Quotes For Convicted Drivers

As hard as it may be to find insurance providers to offer you convicted driver insurance at a decent price it is not impossible and we are here to help. Fill in the quote form by clicking the button below to get a quote and see what specialist insurance providers have to offer you.