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A valid insurance policy is the only way to safely explore the historical city of Coventry and appreciate its infrastructure with peace of mind. After all, the Metropolitan Borough is well-connected to nearby cities like Birmingham, which is located just 19 miles east-southeast, Leicester, which can be found 25 miles southeast, and even the City of London, which is just 94 miles away via the M1 or M40 motorway networks, making it a highly-sought after area for commuters who frequently travel for both work and leisure.

There are a handful of different factors that insurance providers take into consideration to determine the risk of insuring a driver, and it is thought that cities like Coventry may be at risk of higher premiums because of the reliable connections to nearby cities and towns that they boast. The theory is that this may increase the number of drivers who pass through the centre and subsequently make the roads riskier to drive on for the average motorist.

In fact, car insurance quotes are not only influenced by location which means there are actually a handful of different drivers who may be affected by inflated premiums too. Here are a few of them:

Young Drivers in Coventry

Insurance providers use a lot of statistics in order to calculate a premium, however this can negatively affect young drivers, who are automatically classed as high-risk to insure due to the simple fact that they tend to have less experience on the road than older drivers. In fact, if you are 25 years or less then you may find that you are paying hundreds more than mature motorists. This can be frustrating to come to terms with, but there are options to reduce your premium that providers will take into consideration.

Motorists Who Drive Luxury Cars

The type of vehicle that you drive can inflate your car insurance significantly, particularly when it comes to high-end makes and models which are considered more at risk for theft and damage. This is something that motorists should take into consideration when buying a new car or agreeing to a lease contract as it is a factor of car insurance that many drivers aren’t aware of. If you are looking to obtain an affordable premium, it may be in your best interest to consider a more generic vehicle.

High Mileage Drivers

Whether you are a daily commuter or long-distance driver, the number of annual miles on your insurance policy can inflate your premium because being on the road more often is thought to put you more at risk of being involved in an accident. As a result, high-mileage motorists are often made to pay more for their insurance premium, which is why it’s important to accurately estimate your annual mileage to avoid falling foul to overinflated premiums.

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