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A lot of people are surprised to discover that Winchester was actually the very first capital city of England right up until the Norman conquest that took place during the 11th century. The cathedral city can be found in the county of Hampshire and is considered to be an affluent and expensive area to settle in the United Kingdom. As a result, it is not uncommon for locals to pay through the nose for their car insurance in comparison to nearby cities and towns. Every motorist requires a valid insurance policy in order to legally drive on UK roads, and that is no different in Winchester so it can be helpful to know how providers calculate an insurance premium in order to find the best and most authentic prices.

When you compare with Quote Goat you will be shown offers from over 100 different providers so that you can make an informed decision and find the provider that meets your needs as a motorist most appropriately. Using local and national statistics, insurance companies use algorithms and trained specialists in order to calculate the amount of risk they are taking by offering to cover you and provide you with a premium based on those results.

Top Tips to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

No Claims Bonuses: Every year you hold a valid insurance policy in your name without making a claim becomes what is known as a ‘No Claims Bonus’, and you can use these to receive discounts on your premium. Providers usually only count up to 5 years, however at this point you could be saving 40-70% on your quote! As a result, making a claim for minor damage may not be in your best interest as it will reduce your no claims discount.

Telematics: Many drivers agree to have a ‘black box’ fitted into their vehicle which tracks driving data like speed, road usage, and smoothness of driving to provide a journey score as well as a quarterly score. This information is then collected and used to assess your driving style in order to give you an accurate premium, and many telematics policy holders save a significant amount on their insurance as a result. Be aware though, dangerous driving with a black box could increase your premium instead!

Parking: When you fill in your information to obtain an insurance quote, you may notice that providers ask you where your vehicle will be kept throughout the day and overnight. This is an important factor to take into consideration because parking on a driveway is deemed to be safer than parking on a public road and providers may reward you with discounts as a result. With this said, if you tell your car insurance provider that your vehicle will be left in a garage or on a driveway then you should try to do so or else you may be refused cover in the event of theft or criminal damage.

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