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Quote Goat are insurance comparison specialists. We love saving people money on their car insurance by helping them compare over 100 car insurance providers using just one form. As part of this, we can help you compare quotes for third party car insurance as well as third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive, all you need to do is fill out the quote form and choose the third party option when asked.

We do not only specialise in third party car insurance, we also offer a range of other comparison services including van, 4×4, home, content and buildings cover, energy comparison and much more. Once you have saved on your car insurance, get a quote on the others.

How does this work?

The best way to make sure you are getting a great deal on your car insurance is to get as many quotes as possible. However, if you have ever received an insurance quote over the phone you will know that it takes time and that is a commodity that rather few people have these days! Of course, the more quotes you get the more chance you have of finding the best deal on the basis that car insurance quotes vary greatly between companies and you may find one insurer prefers to sell third party policies and therefore offers a much cheaper quote.

This is where comparison sites come in. Instead of a twenty minute phone call per broker all you need to do is take a couple of minutes to fill out the quote form and presto, you are getting quotes from insurers across the country, all specialising in different areas, niches, etc. etc.

So what are you waiting for, get that quote now and let us know how much you save!

Advice when purchasing third party car insurance

Okay, so you found us whilst looking for third party car insurance. Most of us have heard of 3rd party cover but what does it actually mean? We want to help our visitors make the most informed decision for their insurance and have therefore covered the options available at this point of your car insurance decision.


Third Party Car Insurance Only


What does this actually mean?

3rd party is the lowest level of cover required by law and is therefore often expected to be the cheapest quote. However, please note that this is not always the case and you may therefore be sacrificing a higher level of cover for no reason. As the name suggests, this level of insurance covers any third party involved in an accident that is decided as being your fault. However, that is it, it does not cover damage to you or your vehicle. If you were to hit into the back of someone causing damage to both of your cars whilst giving yourself whiplash, the cost of repairing the car and any injuries to the other driver would be covered but your injuries and damages to your vehicle will not be covered under third party car insurance cover.


Third Party Fire and Theft


What does this mean?

3rd Party Fire and Theft offers the same level of cover as third party insurance however it also has the additional benefit of covering you in case of the theft of your vehicle along with any damage to your vehicle during an attempted theft. As well as this you are covered in the event of fire damage occurring on your vehicle. At this point, if you are still opting for third party car insurance only then we would ask you to try and picture your frustration (or much worse) if your car ever was stolen. It is not like we are talking about a computer system or an Iphone, this is usually a person’s second most expensive object they own, second only to their house. If your car was stolen without third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover, how would you cope with events that unfold? Getting to work, kids from school, visiting friends and family. All we ask is that you give it thought, for your sake.


Comprehensive Cover


What does this mean?

Comprehensive or fully comprehensive cover as it is also known, is the highest level of car insurance available. Often billed as the most expensive, it can actually work out the same as third party cover, it is therefore definitely worth getting a quote for both types to see the difference based on your individual criteria and risk profile.

With comprehensive cover you are insured for damage to your car and others involved, injury to yourself and others involved and also windscreen replacements which can often become cracked from stones etc. flying off the road. We particularly emphasise the importance of this level of cover if your car is of higher value as it will often cost more to fix or replace parts when things go wrong.

We hope you found this advice useful and would recommend that when you get your third party quote that you also get a quote for fully comp and third party, fire and theft.