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Written by Michael Foote, Insurance and Finance Expert

Michael Foote is the founder of Quote Goat and has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors. Since launching Quote Goat he has appeared on TV as well as many of the largest online publications including Forbes, The Telegraph and The Metro. Prior to Quote Goat, he worked in finance in the city for a number of firms including HSBC.

There’s no two ways about it, breaking down is never convenient. If you do breakdown, only one thing can make it worse – not having the right cover!

While breaking down is never fun, having breakdown cover can be a real lifesaver and it’s reassuring to know someone can come to assist you when your car gives up on you. So whether you’re having mechanical issues, you’ve got a flat tyre or you’ve put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you’ll be thankful you paid a little extra and your yourself some breakdown cover.

What’s included?

That depends on the policy you choose as some will differ and there are add-ons you can include when purchasing your breakdown cover. Here are some of the things to look out for before you decide on a policy.

  • Roadside assistance – This will mean your car is fixed at the roadside
  • Local recovery – If your vehicle can’t be fixed at the roadside then it’ll be towed to a local garage/mechanic
  • National recovery – Your vehicle can be towed to any location in the UK if they can’t fix it at the roadside
  • Home Start – If you break down at or close to your home then you’ll be covered
  • Onward journey – If your vehicle can’t be started then the provider will cover the cost for a replacement vehicle or public transport to get you to your destination
  • European cover – This will mean you’re covered while driving in Europe (Check to see which countries are included and whether there are restrictions on distance as some policies may vary)

Advantages of breakdown cover as an add-on to insurance

So now we’ve gone over the benefits of having breakdown cover, you now have a couple of options when you’re looking to purchase a policy. You can either purchase your breakdown cover as an odd-on to your motor insurance policy, or if you’d prefer you can buy it separately.

Both options have their pros and their cons, but most people find it more convenient having the two combined on the same policy. By doing it that way, you’ll only need to deal with one company which can half the amount of laborious paperwork, and you’ll only ever have to discuss either your insurance or breakdown policy with one company.

You could also save money as some insurance providers will offer cut-price breakdown cover when you take out a policy with them. Emphasis on the “could” with this one though, as some providers offer no discount at all and in some cases you may save money by getting the breakdown cover as an independent policy, so make sure you shop around to see what deals are on offer.

Other things to remember

  • Check what services are included as some policies might not offer adequate cover
  • Are you covered while driving abroad? Some drivers need this as they travel or work abroad so be sure to check if overseas journeys are included
  • Some insurance policies come with breakdown cover as standard so check before wasting your money
  • If a policy is included, compare other deals as you might be paying over the odds for it
  • Always remember to compare!

At Quote Goat we compare car insurance from a wide range of industry-leading providers which helps you to track down some of the most competitive deals around. Our price comparison page breaks down each policy so you can see at a glance exactly what’s included and you can also check which add-ons are available, helping you make an informed choice while potentially saving time and money in the process.