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Congratulations! You’ve just passed your driving test and are ready to get behind the wheel of your own car and take to the roads. But first you need to find an insurance policy that you can afford.

Unfortunately, after the excitement of securing that coveted driving license, searching for car insurance can be disheartening. Insurance for newly qualified drivers, of any age, is more expensive than for those that have been driving for a number of years without incident. Why? For two reasons: new drivers have little driving experience, and that lack of experience makes them more of a risk to insurers.

If you are a newly qualified driver, there are ways you can lower the price of your young driver car insurance in order to make it more affordable.

Check all types of insurance

New drivers will often be more attracted to third party insurance as it is considered to be the cheapest. But this often isn’t the case; third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive are also available, both of which offer more cover and can are often cheaper than third party only insurance.

Although new drivers will often choose the cheapest cover available, third party insurance only covers you for the bare minimum and recently, insurers are beginning to identify new drivers that choose third party insurance as more of a risk and have actually offered better prices for new drivers under comprehensive policies.

Accurately Listing your Job Title

Your job title actually goes a long way to determining your policy amount; Risk is assessed by actuaries who assign a set amount to certain job titles that fall under the same bracket. For example, an illustrator often pays less than an artist and a PA will pay less than a Secretary. Make sure your job title is listed correctly to ensure you aren’t paying more than you should be, some small changes could help save you hundreds of pounds off your policy.

Telematics Policies

Agreeing to a policy that includes car telematics (black box) technology gives you a chance to demonstrate to insurance providers that you are a safe driver. The black box is installed in your car and gives accurate reports on your driving habits; including speed, braking, steering and acceleration habits as well as the hours and the distance you drive on average. This information can be affect your insurance premium, with safer drivers being rewarded. However, a black box isn’t for everyone, if you decide you do not want a black box, then compare quotes without a black box.

Compare policies

Never take the first policy you come across without searching and comparing it against others. Compare car insurance online, it is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you find the most affordable policy. Comparison can be done quickly and easily online, free of charge.







Newly qualified drivers

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