These common mistakes could void your car insurance policy

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All drivers will know that major mistakes such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or excessively speeding and otherwise driving dangerously will void their car insurance policy in the event of an accident. But there are other, smaller, mistakes that drivers may not know about that can also cause their coverage to become obsolete.

  1. Updating your Provider

It’s is common for drivers to want to make modifications to their cars but to do so without informing their car insurance provider of the changes beforehand means that the vehicle is no longer covered under their policy.

Even small changes like a new paint job or other cosmetic changes need to be run by your insurer. If you don’t and get into an accident your car won’t be the same that is described under your policy and therefore won’t receive any payout.

  1. Not updating your address if you move

One important factor insurance companies take into account when working out how much your policy should cost is your postcode. Certain postcodes represent areas where car break-ins are more likely and therefore the insurance costs will reflect this. Some people will even attempt to put the postcode of a friend or family member on their policy in order to get cheaper car insurance.

Insurers have dedicated teams who investigate that your details are correct; whether intentional or not, your policy will be voided.

  1. Using your personal vehicle for business use

There are often cases where people are asked to attend meetings, conferences etc. by their employer. If they choose to use their own car for these business purposes, especially if they are also driving other employees, then their personal car insurance policy often won’t cover them and they will need to inform their insurer that they are suing their car for business purposes.


Michael FooteThese common mistakes could void your car insurance policy