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Written by Michael Foote , founder of Quote Goat, with over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

Here at Quote Goat, our aim is to help you spend less on your insurance by trying to find the most affordable deals on the market. The trusted comparison facility we use scours the market in an attempt to locate the best deals around, so not only could you find the policy that suits your needs and requirements the most, but you could also save a pretty penny in the process.

Regardless of which type of insurance you’re looking for you can compare deals from a number of insurance providers in a matter of minutes, reducing time, hassle and – most importantly – potentially the amount you pay for your policy. Here are three popular types of insurance you can compare with Quote Goat:

Car Insurance

Let’s face it, car insurance can be pricey. Unless you’ve been driving for a number of years and you’ve managed to build up your no claims discount, your car insurance premium is bound to set you back a fair bit. If you’re a new driver, below the age of 25 or you’ve had accidents in the past then unfortunately your car insurance premium is likely to be expensive.

Car insurance is already at an all-time high, but with less people using public transport due to the Coronavirus pandemic, experts are predicting an increase in road traffic accidents, which will inevitably result in car insurance premiums also climbing. This means it’s never been more important to compare car insurance to help you locate some of the best deals on the market.

How Quote Goat could reduce your car insurance premium

When insurance providers offer you cover, they use the information you provide to calculate the risk of you making a claim, for example by being involved in an accident. These insurance companies factor many details into their decision including your home address, driving history, profession and even seemingly insignificant details such as how many children you have.

When you compare car insurance with Quote Goat, you’ll be asked a number of questions to determine your personal situation and insurance requirements. This will give the insurance providers a detailed picture of your circumstances, which means the quotes you receive are tailored to your specific needs.

Once you’ve submitted your information, your details will then be used by dozens of insurance companies who’ll provide real-time quotes in just a few clicks. You can then simply scroll through the quotes and choose the one you want. Not only could this cut the cost of your premium, but you can also see what’s included in each policy at a glance, so as well as potentially slashing your costs you’ll also save time, making comparing car insurance with Quote Goat a real no-brainer.

Taxi Insurance

If there’s one section of the country’s workforce the pandemic has been especially unkind towards, it’s taxi drivers. With restrictions forcing many of us to stay indoors, for taxi drivers much of their usual custom has simply disappeared. With a long road ahead, it’s time to tighten the purse strings if you drive a taxi for a living and the best place to start is by attempting to reduce the cost of your Taxi insurance.

Although standard motor insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers on the road, anyone carrying passengers for a financial reward will also need an additional policy. This includes taxi drivers, who need specialist cover to ensure they’re road legal when shuttling passengers around.

How Quote Goat could help to reduce taxi insurance premiums

While taxi insurance usually costs more than regular insurance, there are things you can do to bring down those costs. As ever, one potential way of reducing the cost of your taxi insurance is by comparing with us, as we often help our users locate some of the most favourable deals around.

We help visitors compare quotes from a range of companies who specialise in taxi insurance. In addition to providing bespoke policies, these specialists can also guide you on the type of cover you require. As is typically the case when taking out insurance, with taxi insurance there are several options to choose from and the one you select will largely depend on your circumstances.

Using this service couldn’t be easier, you simply submit your information and insurance providers use it to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. You’ll receive quotes from numerous providers with each offer broken down so you can digest the information easily. This means that comparing your taxi insurance with Quote Goat is quick, simple and potentially able to save you a bundle of cash. Not bad considering it only takes a few minutes!

Hire and Reward Insurance

Hire and reward is a type of insurance that allows you to legally carry a person or their goods in return for payment. If you’re a courier, removal company or you work in haulage, for example, you’re legally required to have a hire and reward policy otherwise you’re breaking the law. Failure to purchase adequate cover could land you in hot water with the authorities, with large fines and even criminal prosecution a possibility for those who fail to comply with the rules.

Thankfully, most people who require hire and reward insurance comply with the law, ensuring they conduct their work in a safe and legal manner. Nevertheless, there are some out there who are operating without the correct cover, and in some industries dodging this legal requirement is rife.

One of those is the fast-food industry, with many drivers delivering food without having purchased the required insurance policy. But whilst some of the rule-breakers are aware they’re failing to comply with the law and deliberately avoid purchasing a policy, many of these delivery drivers have no idea they require insurance in order to transport food for a fee. If you’re one of these drivers in the fast-food industry – or any other industry for that matter – then it’s essential for you to purchase cover immediately to avoid getting into serious trouble.

How Quote Goat could help to reduce hire and reward premiums

At Quote Goat, we make it easy to compare quotes from many of the market’s leading hire and reward insurance providers to bring you a curated selection of policies that are sure to meet all of your needs. You’ll be asked a range of questions to establish the nature of your work and the level of cover you require, and once you’ve provided this information, if you’re eligible, you’ll be able to choose from a choice of policies that should each fit the criteria you’re after.

At Quote Goat we help thousands of customers find great deals on hire and reward insurance. As well as receiving quotes, you can also discuss your exact requirements and any additional information with a specialist insurance provider who can offer tailored policies, which means you’ll get exactly what you need from your cover.

After explaining three of the most popular types of insurance we compare, you should now have a good understanding of how Quote Goat can assist you in finding the perfect insurance policy. In fact, we also compare other types of insurance too such as home insurance, travel insurance and even life insurance. Regardless of what kind of cover you need, take a few minutes of your time to compare with us and we may just help you find the most attractive deals on the market.

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