Choosing The Right Car For Your Growing Family

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Written by Michael Foote, founder of Quote Goat, has over 13 years experience working in the finance, insurance and currency sectors.

When you and your partner decide to expand your family, you will eventually need to think about what kind of car you will need to accommodate your growing family. In this article is going to be some of the points you should think about before purchasing a new car.


If you’re going to go down the route of a finance car, the first thing that anybody should think about before buying a car is affordability. Often, people tend to jump at the chance of a new car and end up regretting it when they can’t afford the repayments on their finance loan.

Sit down with your partner and work out how much you can ideally set aside each month to pay off your car, and keep it running with fuel and oil, etc. Once you have a figure in mind, when you head out to the dealership you can let your salesperson know that you’re unable to spend more than that each month to be able to afford the repayments. They will then show you the selection of cars available for that price.

Another thing that you should prepare for is a large deposit. Car dealerships require a hefty deposit before you’re able to drive away in the car, so be prepared to dig into your bank account to pay this off.

If you’re wanting to go down the route of a used car, where you can just pay one lump sum and the car is yours, be wary of being ripped off especially if you’re buying privately. The downside to buying a used car is that if and when a part goes wrong on the car, you’re going to have to dig into your pockets to pay for the repairs, unlike with finance where you’d simply take it back to the dealership to be repaired. However, if you keep the car regularly serviced you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

When you’re looking at cars, try to go for a petrol car over a diesel as they are generally cheaper to run. Also, choosing a manual stick over an automatic will save you some money too.


Even though it might be difficult to know how many children you want or will end up having, thinking about getting a good sized car like the Subaru XV to accommodate your growing family’s needs. A 5 door car would be ideal, with back seats that have plenty of legroom for your rapidly growing children. Of course, if you already have children and are thinking of expanding your family further then a 7 seater car might be a better option for you.

The size of the engine is something else you will want to think about, because the bigger the engine, the more fuel it takes; therefore more expense for you. If it’s possible, try and go for a smaller engine not just for cost, but for safety too.

Make sure you factor in the size of your trunk too. When you take the car grocery shopping will it fit everything in nice and easy? If you decide to go on vacation, will the car be able to fit in all of your luggage? Think about whether you will want a car that has a roof rack for extra storage too.


How far you’re going to be travelling in your car is something else that you might want to consider. If you have a fairly long commute to work, or the children’s school requires you to drive them there, then choosing a car that’s going to be suitable for long distances is important. Your car needs to be comfortable so that at each end of the journey nobody is stiff or aching. It also needs to have features like air conditioning or heaters for the ever changing climate. A stereo or cd player is always nice to have to for a little bit of easy listening on your commute.

If you take you family travelling or on vacation, will the car hold up with it’s comfort and ease to drive? Are you going to be able to fit your children and your luggage in and still drive to your destination comfortably? If you are going to choose finance, opting in for entertainment like DVD players in the back will also be useful because it will keep the kids entertained while you’re concentrating on the road. The other option of course, is giving your children something to entertain them like a coloring book, or a handheld games console.

Be Clever

If you’ve got an idea of what kind of car you’d like to buy, do your research and find out if the company that made the car are about to bring out a new and improved model. The price of the car you’re after will dramatically reduce when that car is released.

The same goes for what time of the month you decide to purchase your car. If you’re going around the time of payday, the dealerships will have bumped their prices slightly to make a bigger profit. Try to go in on a quiet day and at an unusual time of the month to grab the best deals on your motor.

Don’t forget that haggling the price down is also something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. The dealership have already priced the car up so high that there’s no chance they’re going to lose out on profit. Even if you get them to knock off a small amount of money, you’re at a win. Even a freebie would be a bonus!

Choosing the right car for your growing family can be a daunting task, but if you take all of these points into consideration you should drive away from the dealership happy with the purchase that you’ve just made. Enjoy car shopping!


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