The Impact Of Changing Roads on Older Drivers

A comprehensive and visual representation of how the roads have changed over time in Britain. It takes you over the changes in regulations from 1960 to now. For those who have been driving for a while, this is reminder of the changes and what to expect with the upcoming road laws which aim to improve safety and driving experience. Over 2 million older believe they would fail the modern driving test. Although it may be daunting that these changes are to be made, it is best to be prepared and know that their implementation is in everybody’s best interest.  Changes aim to improve road safety, congestion, freedom and the collective carbon footprint.

Britain's Changing Roads and the Impact on Older Drivers infographic

Infographic by RIAS

Michael Foote

Quote Goat's founder and money-saving enthusiast.

The Impact Of Changing Roads on Older Drivers

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