Why You Should Arrange Temporary Car Insurance for the Christmas Period

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Started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you probably should soon as the festive season is almost upon us and everyone seems to be making plans for this special time of year. Christmas is a time for socialising and spending time with loved ones (as well as indulging in good food and drink), which can mean that people are very busy over the holidays.

A Chaotic Time

As wonderful as Christmas can be, it can also be rather chaotic and especially if you are travelling a lot or hosting. Many people have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel travelling to see friends and family all over the country, whilst some people have friends and family coming from far away places to spend time with them at home. With so much to arrange around the holidays, such as the presents, decorations, food, drink and tree, it can be very easy for some tasks and important details to fall through the cracks.

Car Insurance

One very important aspect to keep in mind if you or friends and family will be driving a lot is car insurance. You need to make sure that whoever behind the wheel is insured to do so over the holidays, which can be tricky if somebody needs to take over the driving on a long journey or if you have friends and family visiting from overseas who need to borrow a car during their stay. Fortunately, it can be quick and easy to arrange cover with temporary car insurance.

Temporary Cover

Temporary car insurance can be arranged for one week through to 28 days in most cases and can start almost immediately with most providers. Additionally, policies are standalone, so they will not impact any No Claims Discount (NCD) on an annual policy if a claim has to be made.

Annual insurance is not particularly flexible, which is tricky around Christmas when things can be chaotic, and you need to be flexible. Short Term car insurance is helpful if somebody needs to borrow a vehicle, if you need to add a temporary driver for the holidays, if you need to share the driving on a long trip or if you have guests visiting for the holidays (most providers accept international driving licenses).

Although things can be chaotic around Christmas and especially when large groups of people get together, it is vital that you remain sensible and always make sure that anyone behind the wheel is covered. By arranging quick and easy temporary cover, it allows you to relax and enjoy spending time with loved ones over the holidays.

Michael FooteWhy You Should Arrange Temporary Car Insurance for the Christmas Period