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We have helped drivers who visit our site to save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds on their car insurance. By finding the best insurance providers and sending the results to you, we ensure you get the cover you need for the best possible price. Following the link above and filling out the quote form means it takes just two to three minutes to collate car insurance quotes from multiple providers. The form will then instantly compare car insurance quotes from the wide range of companies, from the well known household names, right down to smaller companies. By doing this, you have the best chance of saving money.

If you are a young driver we can also help with reducing your premiums, just visit our Young Driver Car Insurance Section. Having recently passed your test or simply being a young driver is a great feeling. Unfortunately, one aspect of driving that is bound to get most new UK drivers down is the high cost of insuring someone who has recently passed their test.

We do, of course, cater for all types of drivers on the roads, so if you fancy saving some money on your car insurance policy, get a quote using the form above. It takes around 2 -3 minutes if you have your details to hand and could save you a lot of money.

5 Tips To Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

As well as using QuoteZone’s comparison system, there are also other things you can do to get cheap car insurance quotes like the following five tips:

With every year that goes by without a claim you are significantly lowering your insurance premium. This is a really important point to remember if you one day have a very small accident, i.e. hitting a lamp post and you think it may be worth claiming in the insurance for the repairs. Firstly there is going to be an excess to think of, but also if you lose for example your three year no claims bonus, you will be paying a great deal more on your insurance for the following three years at least.

Make sure you visit insurance comparison sites every time your insurance is up for renewal because companies will change the way they quote for insurance policies constantly, so just because your current insurer was cheaper last year does not mean it will be the best this year.

Insurance companies may charge you interest if you opt for paying with monthly instalments rather than paying the whole lump upfront. If you cannot afford this option maybe look at getting a zero percent interest credit card and just make the payments to that card each month instead.

If you choose a high excess amount your insurance will drop quite dramatically for the obvious reason that if your excess amount is for example £500, you are less likely to claim on it for minor accidents.

If you are a young driver then take your pass plus test. Insurance for young drivers is usually expensive due to high risk of accidents for new drivers. By taking a pass plus test you are showing the insurance company that you have had a higher degree of training and are therefore less risky for them to insure.

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