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Finding Cheap Manchester Car Insurance Quotes

If you live in Manchester and are looking for a low cost car insurance quote then click the quote button now or read these six carefully selected tips first.

1. Sign up to using a little black box. The black box is fitted into your car and rewards you for driving carefully by monitoring your driving patterns, speed and handling of the car. The safer you drive, the more you save.

2. Secure your car overnight. Do you have a garage you are using as storage for all those bits and pieces you ‘might’ need or use in the future? Why not do a car boot sale and kill two birds with one stone – clear your garage so you have some where safe to keep you car at night and so save on your insurance as well as getting extra cash for selling what your don’t need!

3. Take an advanced driving course. You only have to legally take one practical driving test until you are 70, that is over 50 years without re-training or refreshing your skills. Not all insurers will offer a discount for advanced drivers but it is worth remember that even the little things can make a difference and you could end up saving in other ways for example:

  • Maintaining your no-claims bonus (and so reducing your premium each year)
  • Longer lasting tyres due to better and smoother driving
  • Here are some advanced driving courses in the Manchester area:…….

4. Do you need everyone to be insured on your car? Keep the named drivers to a minimum to reduce your premium – you can always add a person for a day or two when needed.

5. Reduce your mileage per year. The less you drive the car the more you save. Just make sure you are honest so as not to invalidate your cover. One other point to make is to check your car use – if you only use your car for social purposes and not for business and driving to work your quote should be lower.

6. Take some time to shop around to find the cheapest car insurance in Manchester by using and then calling direct to the following companies:

  • Direct Line
  • Aviva
  • Churchill
  • Admiral
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