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Finding Cheap Car Insurance Near You

Quote Goat specialises in comparing insurance quotes from multiple companies at the same time to help our visitors save money.

The car insurance comparison form gets quotes from over 130 insurance providers throughout the UK. We does this so that people who search for “cheap car insurance near me” can find a quote in their area.

The benefit of comparing quotes from over 130 car insurers is that you only need to fill in one form and you can be confident that you will be getting the best price. If you wanted to buy car insurance near you just ten years ago then you would have to phone up each company one by one and get a quote. We guarantee you would be bored of that by quote number three and naturally many people would just go for the cheapest quote out of those.

It makes sense that this is how it used to happen, but it is highly likely that if you only compare 3 providers of car insurance near me or you, you will not be finding the best deal. Thanks to the internet etc. etc. you can now compare loads more quotes in a lot less time, Bingo!!

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Cheap Car Insurance Is Nearer Than You Think

Car Insurance can be an expensive purchase, particularly if you are a young driver, do not have a no claims bonus or want a very low excess.

However there are a number of ways to keep the costs down to give cheap car insurance near me and you.

The type of car you drive: The car you want to insure makes a big difference in the quote price and luckily every car is placed in an insurance category to make it easy for you to know what to expect in terms of insurance costs when you are considering purchasing a car. Obviously if you go for a lower category car then you can expect to pay a lower premium for your cover.

Alarms and immobilisers: Insurers favour cars fitted with immobilisers and alarms. This is for good reason – they are much less likely to be stolen and therefore the cost of insurance comes down. For example, cheap car insurance near me in London is highly likely to only be achievable if my car has an immobiliser/alarm. For those who do not know, insurance is based on risk, so if you are considered lower risk, or can make yourself as low risk as possible then you will have a better chance of getting cheap car insurance.

Little Black Box: On the quote form you can indicate whether you would consider having a little black box installed. This black box monitors your driving. It may sound a bit spooky but it can make a whacking great saving on your insurance. Again, as insurance is based on risk, this box allows you to prove to the insurer that you are a safe driver. The box will record details like your speed, the intensity of your breaking etc. etc. This data is then fed back through the system and can result in cheaper insurance for me and you.

No claims bonus: Having a no claims bonus can be very helpful when it comes to looking for a cheap quote. It basically proves to an insurer that you are a safe driver or at least a safer driver. If an insurer was looking to give cheap insurance to me they would much happier to do so if I had a few years of no claims bonuses. This is why it is really important to protect your no claims bonus where possible. For example if you crashed your car and there was £400 of damage and your excess was £200. You have the option of paying the £400 or you could of course use your insurance company to cover the £200 and pay your excess of just £200. However because you would have now claimed on your insurance, you will no longer have a no claims bonus and therefore your insurance could actually go up by more than £200 the next year and stay up for a few years to come. In this case, if you could afford to pay the £400 up front it would be cheaper for you in the long run.

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