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Are you looking for the best car insurance quotes in Newcastle? Well don’t look any further; we specialise in the provision of car insurance comparison.

All you need to do is provide a few details about the policy you want and we will get you over 130 quotes from different insurance companies with all the details you need to make a sound decision. This process is an essential part of purchasing a policy. Wouldn’t you want to save hundreds on your car insurance and still get the best policy?

There are always lucrative discounts out there waiting for you to pounce on. A discount is generally a savings offer given to clients by the Insurance companies. There are conditions that one must meet to qualify for these discounts and they are an amazing way to save money. We will provide you will all the information about the discount offers and the terms. Not all insurance providers offer this savings option and the types of discounts vary from one to another.

Some Newcastle car insurers may not offer any discounts but may be offering the best policies at a relatively cheap price, therefore, you should always consider these factors though you don’t need to worry, we are here to help you out.

In Newcastle, vehicles are undoubtedly the most widely used means of transportation. Individuals and companies alike use cars for their day to day activities, therefore, it is important to have an active policy.

These are some of the reasons why you need a car insurance policy:

• It is a legal requirement in the country.
• To cater for the repairs of any damages caused by an accident.
• To cater for the medical expenses due to injuries sustained.

A car insurance policy will always give you the confidence to drive around Newcastle without worrying about losing your car. You should always ensure that you are not under-insured by the policy you take hence it is important to read the details of the policy and seek clarification where necessary. There are vital considerations when choosing a car insurance cover. The first one is the type of car insurance you want.

Let’s take a quick look at the different types.

Third Party Car Insurance

This is the minimum cover required by the law. It is very basic; it pays for the damage caused to the properties or injuries sustained by other people in an accident. It will cover the other people but will not cover the repairs of your own car neither will it pay for the injuries you sustain. It is best suited for older cars and not a new classy car that will be expensive to repair. This policy is cheaper and was seen as a means of saving but you can get a good policy at amazing rates; don’t risk your car with this type.

Third Party Fire and Theft

This is quite similar to third party insurance but also protects your own car against fire and theft. This is adequate for those who own cheap vehicles. You may think it is better to have this one than a comprehensive cover for such a vehicle. The quotes will guide you on this one though it depends on the model of the car and the age. Theft is however not vibrant in Newcastle so accidental fires may be the risk here.

Fully Comprehensive Cover

This is the best policy in terms of protection as it covers damages to your vehicle, to any other vehicles, fire and theft and any injuries sustained in an accident. It is a great level of protection. In addition, some companies in Newcastle offer legal expenses covers, breakdown covers and courtesy car under the same policy. We will always provide quotes and highlight such offers to help you to make a decision. This may be the ultimate discount if the additions are relevant to you.

Another consideration is whether the car is for individual use or a company car. The types and purposes of insurance are the same but it is important to remember that company cars have multiple drivers hence it should cover all drivers.

There are many details that are involved when purchasing car insurance and we are your most reliable partners. The information will be broken down for you and simplified to help you recognise the best offer. Request a quote from us today and find the best Newcastle Car Insurance quote for your car.

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