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How To Compare Quotes From Currency Brokers

Quote Goat have researched currency brokers across the country, trialling many of the leading brokers. One solution we tried was’s¬†currency comparison service and we loved it.

Their innovative platform enables you to compare live rates from multiple currency brokers each time you transfer your funds into another currency, helping you to find the best deal on your exchange.

How Works

Transferring money into other currencies has long been seen as an opportunity for banks to add hidden margins onto exchange rates, sometimes as much as 5% on top of the actual exchange rate.

The birth of currency brokers has put an end to this with many brokers charging as little as 0.5% for exactly the same service offered by your bank. Equally your money is just as safe when you use a broker as they too are regulated by the FCA and adhere to the same rules that the big banks abide by.

As with any growing industry, prices are becoming more and more competitive, with different brokers offering varying margins. To help our visitors ensure they are always getting the best rate, we have teamed up with Like us, they love helping visitors compare quotes to get a better deal.

Save In 4 Steps

  • 1) Request A Quote

    Enter your required currency and amount and click the quote button

  • 3) Pay the funds

    Log onto your online banking or call and transfer funds to the broker for exchange

  • 2) Pick your preferred broker

    Compare the rates offered, select the best and lock in a great deal

  • 4) Payment delivered to recipient

    The broker will transfer the funds to the nominated bank account in the nominated currency